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Veronica Terriquez

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Contact Information
E-mail: veronica.terriquez@dornsife.usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-3533
Office: KAP 352

Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Sketch

Veronica Terriquez received her Ph.D. in sociology from UCLA. Her research focuses on educational inequality, immigrant integration, and organized labor. Her work is linked to education justice and immigrant rights organizing efforts in California. Dr. Terriquez has also worked as a community organizer on school reform and other grassroots campaigns.


B.A. Sociology, Harvard University
M.A. Education, U.C. Berkeley
Ph.D. Sociology, UCLA

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Tenure Track Appointments

Assistant Professor, USC, 2009-  

Non-Tenure Track Appointments

Faculty Affiliate, American Studies and Ethnicity, USC, 2009-  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Veronica Terriquez is currently working on a study of parental engagement in Los Angeles County. Drawing on survey and semi-structured interviews data, she seeks to understand how individual parents acquire the confidence, cultural capital, and problem-solving skills to actively participate in school affairs. She is particularly interested in examining how labor and community organizations support various forms of school-based civic participation among Latino immigrants and other racially diverse parents. Dr. Terriquez is also the principal investigator of the California Young Adult Study (CYAS), a mixed-methods investigation of youths' access to postsecondary education, employment, and civic engagement opportunities.

Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, Faculty Affiliate, http://csii.usc.edu/
UCLA Institute for Democracy Education and Access, Faculty Affiliate, http://www.idea.gseis.ucla.edu/


Book Chapter

Rogers, J., Freelon, R., Terriquez, V. (2011). Enlisting Collective Help: Urban Principals’ Encouragement of Parent Participation in School Decision-Making. School Leadership for Authentic Family and Communi New York, NY: Routledge.
Terriquez, V. (2011). Becoming Civic: The Active Engagement of Latino Immigrant Parents in Public Schools. Bicultural Parent Engagement pp. 186-205. New York City, NY: Teachers College Press.
Ong, P., Terriquez, V. (2008). Can Multiple Pathways Offset Inequalities in the Urban Spatial Structure?. pp. 131-152. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Journal Article

Terriquez, V., Kwon, H. (2014). Intergenerational Family Relations, Civic Organisations, and the Political Socialisation of Second-Generation Immigrant Youth. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
Terriquez, V. (2014). Trapped in the Working Class?: The Intergenerational (Im) mobility of Latino Youth. Sociological Inquiry.
Terriquez, V. (2013). Latino Fathers' Involvement in their Children's Schools. Family Relations.
Terriquez, V. (2012). Civic Inequalities?: Immigrant Incorporation and Latina Mothers’ Participation in their Children’s Schools. Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 2012 (55), pp. 663-682.
Milkman, R., Terriquez, V. (2012). ‘We Are The Ones Who Are Out in Front’: Women's Leadership in the Immigrant Rights Movement. Feminist Studies. Vol. 38, pp. 645-647.
Terriquez, V., Carter, V. (2012). Celebrating the Legacy, Embracing the Future: How Research can help build ties between historically African American Churches and their Latino Immigrant Neighbors. Community Development. Vol. 43 (3), pp. 1-15.
Terriquez, V. (2011). Schools for Democracy: Labor Union Participation and Latino Immigrant Parents’ School-Based Civic Engagement. American Sociological Review. Vol. 76, pp. 581-601.
Rogers, J. S., Terriquez, V. (2009). "More Justice": The Role of Organized Labor in School Reform. Educational Policy. Vol. 23 (1), pp. 216-241. Educational Policy
Day-Vines, N., Terriquez, V. (2008). A Strengths-Based Approach to Promoting Discipline Among African American and Latino Students. Professional School Counseling. Vol. 12 (2), pp. 170-175. Free Library
Rogers, J. S., Saunders, M., Terriquez, V., Velez, V. (2008). Civic Lessons: Public Schools and the Civic Development of Undocumented Students and Parents. Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy. Vol. 3 (2), pp. 201-218. Civic Lessons

Research Report

Terriquez, V., Patler, C. (2012). Aspiring Americans: Undocumented Youth Leaders in California. USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration
Pastor, M., Ortiz, R., Ito, J., Terriquez, V., Carter, V., Tran, J., Cheng, T. (2010). The Color of Change: Inter-ethnic Youth Leadership for the 21st Century. USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity.
Terriquez, V., Carter, V. (2010). Celebrating the Legacy, Embracing the Future: A Neighborhood Study for Second Baptist Church. USC Center for Immigrant Integration.
Terriquez, V. (2010). The LAUSD A-G Life Prep Curriculum and College Access for the Children of Union Members. The Labor and Education Collaborative.
Terriquez, V., Rogers, J. S., Blasi, G., Shadduck-Hernandez, J., Applebaum, L. D. (2009). Unions and Education Justice: The Case of SEIU Local 1877 Janitors and the "Parent University". UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. Research Brief

Honors and Awards

Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Academy of Sciences, 2013-2014   
American Sociological Association Distinguished Research - Best Article Award in the Area of Latino Sociology, 2011-2012   
USC Mellon Undergraduate Mentorship Award, Spring 2011   
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