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John Monterosso

Associate Professor of Psychology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-6982
Office: BCI 252
Office Hours: Wednesdays : 8am to 10am

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Website


Ph.D. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 12/1997
B.A. , Swarthmore College, 6/1992

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Asst Professor of Psychiatry, University of California at Los Angeles, 06/2002-06/2008  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

John Monterosso studies mechanisms underlying human self-control from the combined perspectives of behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience (sometimes collectively referred to as “neuroeconomics”). He has co-authored 40 journal articles and book chapters. His research is currently supported through two R01 grants from the National Institute on Drug Addiction.

Research Specialties

behavioral economics, neuroimaging


Journal Article

Dean, A., Sevak, R., Monterosso, J. R., Hellemann, G., Sugar, C., London, E. (2011). Acute modafinil effects on attention and inhibitory control in methamphetamine-dependent humans. Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs. Vol. 72 (943)
London, E. D., Berman, S. M., Chakrapani, S., Delibasi, T., Monterosso, J. R., Erol, H. K., Paz-Filho, G. (2011). Short-Term Plasticity of Gray Matter Associated with Leptin Deficiency and Replacement. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Vol. 96 (E1212–E1220)
Luo, S., Ainslie, G., Pollini, D., Giragosian, L., Monterosso, J. R. (2011). Moderators of the association between brain activation and farsighted choice. NeuroImage.
Nestor, L. J., Ghahremani, D. G., Monterosso, J. R., London, E. D. (2011). Prefrontal hypoactivation during cognitive control in early abstinent methamphetamine-dependent subjects. Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging.
Xu, J., Monterosso, J. R., Kober, H., Balodis, I. M., Potenza, M. N. (2011). Perceptual Load-Dependent Neural Correlates of Distractor Interference Inhibition. PloS one. (e14552)
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Monterosso, J. R., Ainslie, G. (1999). Beyond discounting: possible experimental models of impulse control. Psychopharmacology (Berl). Vol. 146 (41999/11/07), pp. 339-47.

Honors and Awards

USC GE Teaching Award (Cat 4, Science and its significance), 2008-2009   

Service to the University


Member, Neuroscience Undergraduate Major Executive Committee, 01/2011-  
Chair, Psychology Merit Review Committee, 2011-2012   
Chair, Search committee for behavioral economic / neuroeconomic tenure-track faculty member, 2009-2010   
Member, Executive Committee for Psychology Dept., 2008-2009   
Member, Merit Review Committee for Psychology Dept, 2008-2009   

Review Panels

NIH, I-START, 03/2011-04/2011  
NIH, B-START, 01/2011-02/2011  
NIH, BRLE, 10/2010-11/2010  

Service to the Profession

Review Panels

NIH, BRLE, 2009-2010   
NIH Review (ad hoc member), BBBP, 06/2009-07/2009  
NIH, Risk, Prevention and Intervention for Addictions, 07/2008  

Reviewer for Publication

Biological Psychiatry, ad hoc reviewer, 2010-2011   
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, ad hoc reviewer, 2010-2011   
Journal of Neuroscience, ad hoc reviewer, 2010-2011   
Neuroimage, ad hoc reviewer, 2010-2011   
Psychopharmacology, ad hoc reviewer, 2010-2011   
Addiction, Ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Biological Psychiatry, Ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Frontiers Neuroscience, Ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Journal of Neuroscience, Ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Psychological Science, ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Psychopharmacology, Ad hoc reviewer, 2009-2010   
Biological Psychology, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
Brain Research, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
Psychological Science, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
Psychopharmacology, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
Social and Cognitive Affective Neuroscience, ad hoc reviewer, 2007-2008   
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