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Sarah Feakins

Associate Professor of Earth Sciences

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-7168
Office: ZHS 223F

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Website


Ph.D. Geology, Columbia University, 2006
B.A. Geography, University of Oxford, 2001

Postdoctoral Training

NOAA Global and Climate Change Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 07/2006-08/2008  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

I use biogeochemical analytical approaches to answer intriguing questions about climatic and ecological change. Organic geochemical and compound-specific isotopic approaches provide new tools for high resolution studies. Current projects include compound-specific carbon isotopic reconstruction of paleovegetation and development and application of hydrogen isotopic proxies for paleohydrology.

Research Specialties

Compound-specific hydrogen and carbon isotopic analysis; Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology; Isotope Biogeochemistry; Organic Geochemistry.
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