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Miranda Barone

Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Psychology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-2203
Office: SGM 529


Biographical Sketch

Miranda Barone has conducted research in the applied settings including the Forward Momentum Program at the Women's Forensic Mental Health Services, Twin Towers Correctional Facility; The Claremont Graduate School Research Institute; the Foster Youth Connection and Department of Children and Family Services; Greater Los Angeles Association for Deafness. Academic Research interests include Mother-Infant Sleep Behaviors and Attachment.


Ph.D. Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate University, 5/2000
M.A. Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate University, 5/1994
B.S. Public Administration, University of Southern California, 5/1980

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Assistant Professor (Teaching), University of Southern California, 2012-2013   
Lecturer, University of Southern California, 2007-2012  

Description of Research

Research Specialties

Applied Social Psychology, Adult Attachment, Mother-Infant Sleep Behaviors and Attachment

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Nighttime Attachment", Los Angeles Attachment Conference, Talk/Oral Presentation, Skirball Center, Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles Attachment Study Group, 2003-2004   
"Individual Differences in Attachment Styles - A Case for Continuity", Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Conference, Talk/Oral Presentation, UC Davis, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, 1998-1999   
"Attachment Styles of Foster Youth in Late Adolescence", Western Psychological Association, Poster, Kona, Hawaii, Western Psychological Association, 1993-1994   


Journal Article

Barone, C. M. (2002). Sleeping Like A Baby. Mothering. Vol. 114 (September/October), pp. 70-75.


Barone, C. M. (2002). Mother-Infant Sleep Behaviors in Solitary and Bedsharing Conditions. Dissertation Abstract International.

Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

Technical Report, Barone, M. (1997) Program Evaluation of the Transitional Living Program. Technical report prepared for the Foster Youth Connection of Los Angeles County and the Department of children and Family Services., 1997-1998   
Technical Report, Barone, M. and Sherwood, D. (1997). Reproductive Health Assessment for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Technical report prepared for the Great Los Angeles Council for Deafness, funded by California Community Grant., 1997-1998   
Technical Report, Barone, M. and Webster-Moore, C. (1996) Health Care Services for the Deaf. Technical report prepared for the Great Los Angeles Council for Deafness; funded by Blue Cross of California., 1996-1997   

New Courses Developed

Historical Foundations and Contemporary Trends, PSYC 499, This class is designed to explore the historical foundations and current perspectives in Psychology as a discipline and a profession. Historical developments of the discipline, related careers, and skills necessary for careers are covered., Spring 2010   
Professional Development in Psychology, Psychology 499, This course covers the scope and value of the psychology major. It is designed to expand students’ understanding of the scope of psychology by covering key historical figures and the development of the discipline as an academic and applied science. Students will learn about the application of psychology to various disciplines within the social sciences and professional schools in order to consider future career options. Finally, students will focus on personal professional development including preparation for graduate work, career choices at varying degree levels, and essential skills necessary to make the transition to graduate school. This course will also coordinate and enhance the existing psychology undergraduate advisement efforts., Spring 2009   

Honors and Awards

USC or School/Dept Award for Teaching, USC Parents Association Teaching and Mentoring Award = Honorable Mention, 2011-2012   
Nominated for USC Parent's Association Teaching and Mentoring Award, 2010 , 2010-2011   
Nominated for USC Parent's Association Teaching and Mentoring Award, 2008-2009   
USC Widney Alumni House Award, 2008-2009   
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