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Eric Friedlander

Dean's Professor of Mathematics

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3796
Office: KAP 464F

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Mathematics, M.I.T., 6/1970
B.A. Mathematics, Swarthmore College, 6/1965

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Tenure Track Appointments

Dean's Professor of Mathematics, University of Southern California, 2008-2018  
Noyes Professor of Mathematics, Northwestern University, 01/09/1975-08/31/2008  
Assistant Professor, Princeton University, 01/09/1972-08/31/1975  

Non-Tenure Track Appointments

Instructor, Lecturer, Princeton University, 01/09/1970-08/31/1972  

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Constructions for finite group schemes", Algebra Seminar, Lecture/Seminar, UC - Riverside, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Elementary Modular Representation Theory", Richard Block Memorial Lecture, Keynote Lecture, UC Riverside, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Elementary representation theory", Lecture/Seminar, Columbus, Ohio State, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Elementary representation theory", Northwestern Colloquium, Lecture/Seminar, Evanston, Northwestern University, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Reflections on Conjectures on Algebraic Cycles", JHU Colloquium, Lecture/Seminar, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Some contributions of Andrei Suslin to modular represenation theory", Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic K-theory, and Motives, Talk/Oral Presentation, St. Petersburg, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Using p-nilpotent operators to investigate extensions", Oberwolfach meeting, Talk/Oral Presentation, Oberwolfach, Invited, 2010-2011   
"Algebraic cycles, algebraic equivalence, and algebraic topology", Lecture/Seminar, Barcelona, UPC, Invited, 2009-2010   
"Elementary modular representation theory", Lecture/Seminar, Claremont-McKenna, Claremont Colleges, Invited, 2009-2010   
"Modular Representation Theory", Western Lie Theory, Lecture/Seminar, USC, Invited, 2009-2010   
"Restrictions to $G(\bF_p)$ and $G_{(r)}$ of Rational $G$-modules", Linear Algebraic Groups, Lecture/Seminar, Banff (Canada), BIRS, Invited, 2009-2010   
"Algebraic cycles", Algebraic Geometry Conference, Lecture/Seminar, Tokyo, Tokyo University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Cohomology and Geometry of Finite Group Schemes", Lecture/Seminar, Nottingham, Nottingham University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Constructions for infinitesimal group schemes", Lecture/Seminar, Koeln (Germany), Koeln University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Constructions for infinitesimal group schemes", Lecture/Seminar, East China Normal University, Shanghai (China), Invited, 2008-2009   
"Elementary modular representation theory", Lecture/Seminar, Hongzhou (China), Zhejiang University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Elementary modular representation theory: modules of constant Jordan type", Workshop on Representation Theory, Lecture/Seminar, Koeln (Germany), Koeln University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Group cohomology, Weil restriction, and support varieties", Snaith Colloquium, Keynote Lecture, Sheffield (England), Sheffield University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Investigating $kG$-modules using nilpotent operators", Algebraic Lie Theory, Lecture/Seminar, Cambridge (England), Newton Institute, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Support varieties: cohomology and $\pi$-points", Workshop on Representation Theory, Lecture/Seminar, Koeln (Germany), Koeln University, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Weil restriction and support varieties", Lecture/Seminar, Seattle, University of Washington, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Constructions for infinitesimal group schemes", Homological methods in representation theory, Lecture/Seminar, Berkeley, CA, MSRI, Invited, 2007-2008   
"Lectures on K-Theory", Workshop on algebraic K-theory, Lecture/Seminar, Trieste, Italy, ICTP, Invited, 2007-2008   
"Semi-topological invariants", Conference on Motives, Lecture/Seminar, Columbus, Ohio, N.S.F., Invited, 2007-2008   
"Support varieties", Bielefeld Representation Theory, Lecture/Seminar, Bielefeld, Germany, Invited, 2007-2008   
"Weil restriction", ABC algebra workshop, Lecture/Seminar, Vancouver, PIMS, Invited, 2007-2008   
"p-nilpotent operators and vector bundles", Workshop on Representation Theory, Lecture/Seminar, Berkeley, MSRI, Invited, 2007-2008   


Book Chapter

Friedlander, E. M., Haesemeyer, C. (2010). Lipschitz cocycles and Poincare Duality. Geometry of Algebraic Cycles (Vol. vol 9). pp. 33 - 51. Clay Institute.
Friedlander, E. M. (2008). Lectures in K-Theory. (Vol. 23). pp. 1-77. ICTP Lecture Notes.

Journal Article

Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2011). Constructions for infinitesimal group schemes. Transactions of the A.M.S.. pp. 6007 - 6061.
Friedlander, E. M. (2011). Restrictions to G(Fp) and G(r) of rational G-modules. Compositio Mathematica. pp. 25 pages.
Carlson, J. F., Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2011). Representations of elementary abelian p-groups and bundles on Grassmannians.
Friedlander, E. M. (2011). Spectrum of group cohomology and support varieties. Journal of K-Theory.
Friedlander, E. M. (2010). Weil restriction and support varieties. Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik. pp. 183-200.
Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2010). Generalized support varietes for finite group schemes. Documenta Mathematica. pp. 197-222.
Friedlander, E. M., Lawson, H. (2009). Graph mappings and Poincare duality. Math. Annalen. Vol. 343, pp. 431-461.
Friedlander, E. M., Carlson, J., Suslin, A. (2009). Modules for Z/p times Z/p. Commentarri Mathematici Helvetici.
Carlson, J. F., Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2008). Modules of constant Jordan type. Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Vol. 614, pp. 191-234.
Franjou, V., Friedlander, E. M. (2008). Cohomology of bifunctors. Proc. London Mathematical Society. Vol. 97, pp. 514-544.
Friedlander, E. M. (2008). The Friedlander-Milnor Conjecture. L'Enseignement Mathematique. Vol. 54, pp. 90-92.
Friedlander, E. M., Carlson, J. (2008). Exact Category of modules of constant Jordan type. Progress in Mathematics.
Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2007). Generic and maximal Jordan types. Inventiones Mathematicae. Vol. 168, pp. 458-522.
Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J. (2007). Pi-Supports for modules for finite group schemes over a field. Duke Mathematics Journal. Vol. 139, pp. 317-368.
Friedlander, E. M., Pevtsova, J., Suslin, A. (2007). Generic and maximal Jordan types. Inventiones Mathematicae. Vol. 168, pp. 458 - 522.


Friedlander, E. M., Ostvaer, P. A., Quick, G. (2011). Special issue on motivic homotopy theory. Journal of K-Theory.

Honors and Awards

Dornsife Dean's Professor, Dean's Professor of Mathematics, 2008-  
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow, 2005-  
President of the Americal Mathematical Society, 2010-2011   
President-Elect of the American Mathematical Society, 2010-2011   
Noyes Professor of Mathematics, Northwestern, 1999-2008  
Plenary Address, A.M.S.-Spain Congress, 2003  
Plenary Address, A.M.S.-Mexico Congress, 2001  
Invited spearker, International Congress, 1998  
Alexander von Humbolt Fellowship Recipient, Humboldt Senior Scientist Research Prize, 1996-1998  
Surrogate Plenary Speaker, Int'l Congress Math, Spring 1986   

Service to the University

Administrative Appointments

Associate Chair, Math Dept, 2010-2011   
Associate Chair, Mathematics Department, 2009-2010   


Member, Dornsife College Search Committee, 2011-2012   
Member, Math Dept Merit Committee, 2011-2012   
Member, Math Dept Search Committee, 2011-2012   
Chair, Math Dept Search Committee, 2009-2010   
Chair, Faculty Search Committee, 2008-2009   
Member, Math Department teaching allocation committee, 2007-2008   

Review Panels

USC, UCAPT, Science and Engineering, 2011-2012   
USC, UCAPT Science and Engineering, 2010-2011   

Service to the Profession

Administrative Appointments

American Mathematical Society, Board of Trustees (Chair 2003, 2008), 2000-2010  
Chair, Northwestern Mathematics Department, 01/09/1999-08/31/2003  
Associate Dean of Science, Northwestern University, 09/01/1995-08/31/1998  
Chair, Northwestern Mathematics Department, 09/01/1987-08/31/1990  


Committee on Publications, 2009-2010   
Member, A.M.S. Committee on the Profession, 2008-2009   
Member, A.M.S. Committe on Publications, 2005-2008  

Conferences Organized

Co-organizer, Abel 2007 Symposium, Oslo, Norway, 2008-2009   
Co-organizer, Schoolon algebraic K-theory, Trieste, Italy, 2008-2009   

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Editorial Board, Algebra and Applications, 01/01/2007-12/31/2010  
Editorial Board, American Journal, 01/01/2005-12/31/2010  
Chair of Editorial Committee, AMS University Lecture Series, 01/01/2004-12/31/2010  
Co-Managing Editor, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 01/01/1990-12/31/2010  

Professional Offices

Board of Trustees (Chair: 2003, 2008), American Mathematical Society, 02/01/2000-  
President, American Mathematical Society, 2010-2011   

Review Panels

University of Oregon, External Review of Mathematics, 2011-2012   
Emory University, External Review of Mathematics, 2009-2010   
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