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Emir Estrada


Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3533
Office: KAP 352

Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Sketch

EMIR ESTRADA received a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Chicano/a Studies from UCLA. Her research interests in immigration and gender are influenced in great part by her own immigration experience. She is studying immigrants from Mexico and Central America who work in the informal sector of unregulated or semi-regulated jobs. More specifically, she is researching the children of these workers, examining their role in the family’s economic survival.


M.A. Sociology, University of Southern California, 2010
B.A. , UC - Los Angeles, 9/2004
AA , Long Beach City College, 5/2003


Book Chapter

Estrada, E., Hondagneu-Sotelo, P. (2011). "Latina Adolescent Street Vendors in Los Angeles: Gendered Streetwise?". CA: Low-Wage Work, Migration and Gender edited by Anna Guevarra and Nilda Flores-Gonzalez.
Estrada, E. (2011). "‘Dude, I was born here!’ Children's American Cultural Resources in Street Vending Markets". in Contesting the Streets: Street Vending Open-Air Markets, and Public Space.

Journal Article

Hondagneu-Sotelo, P., Estrada, E., Ramirez, H. (2011). "Más allá de la Domesticidad: Un análisis de género de los trabajos inmigrantes del sector informal [Beyond Domesticity: A Gendered Analysis of Immigrant Informal Sector Work]". Papers: Revista de Sociologia, Spain. Vol. 96 (3), pp. 805-824.
Estrada, E., Hondagneu-Sotelo, P. (2011). Intersectional Dignities: Latino Immigrant Street Vendor Youth in Los Angeles. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Vol. 40 (1), pp. 102-131.


Estrada, E. The Historical Development of Children and Work: The Case of Street Vending Children in Los Angeles. Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth.
Estrada, E. (2010). Changing Household Dynamics: Children’s American Cultural Resources in Street Vending Markets. Childhood.
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