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Christopher Freeman

Professor (Teaching) of English

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3745
Office: THH 404G

Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Sketch

Chris Freeman moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis in May, 2005. He grew up in Rome, Georgia and has a PhD in English from Vanderbilt University.


Ph.D. English, Gender Studies, Vanderbilt University, 8/1993
M.A. English, Vanderbilt University, 5/1989
B.A. English, summa cum laude, Berry College, 6/1987

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Associate Professor (Teaching), USC Dornsife College, 08/2012-  
Lecturer, University of Southern California, 01/2006-  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

My work has primarily been in 20th century gay and lesbian studies. I've edited three books on Christopher Isherwood, including THE AMERICAN ISHERWOOD (Dec 2014), a Hollywood memoir by John Carlyle; and more recently a collection of essays about gay Los Angeles called LOVE, WEST HOLLYWOOD. I am also working on a longer term project on the life, work, and times of the gay writer Paul Monette (and editing his journals for publication).

Research Keywords

gay and lesbian studies; popular culture; memoir; Hollywood; Los Angeles; modernism

Research Specialties

20th century literature; the novel; memoir; literary theory; gay and lesbian studies; Los Angeles/Hollywood

Funded Research

Contracts and Grants Awarded

Oscar Wilde and His Circle, Joseph Bristow (UCLA) (National Endowment for the Humanities), Chris Freeman,, $3,900, 06/2012-07/2012  

Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

Monette-Horwitz Trust, advisory board member since 2006,
ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archive, Board Member,

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

""Teaching A SINGLE MAN in Los Angeles", Modern Language Associate, Roundtable/Panel, Paper, Los Angeles, CA, MLA, Invited, 01/08/2011-  
"‘Feasting with Panthers,’ or Thrown to the Lions: On the Limits of Camp", Modern Studies Association, Roundtable/Panel, Paper, Las Vegas, Nevada, MSA, Invited, 10/2012  
""We Have to Say We've Been Here": Paul Monette and the Making of an Activist", UCLA GLBTQ Conference, Talk/Oral Presentation, UCLA, Invited, Fall 2007   

Other Presentations

""On These Shoulders We Stand" documentary", Screening/Moderator, LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA, 12/19/2009-  
"Howard Fine Live Interview", Life Raft, Screen Actors Guild, Los Angeles, CA, 12/01/2009-  
"Keynote address: The "Truth" about Paul Monette", One Person's Truth: The Life and Work of Paul Monette, Monette-Horwitz Trust, UCLA, 10/14/2005-  
"The Importance of Being Earnest", Pre-Play remarks, A Noise Within Theater, Pasadena, CA, Fall 2014   
"Queer Pulp Fiction, with Katherine V. Forrest", Interview and discussion, Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Springs, CA, Spring 2014   
"The Days of Anna Madrigal", Interview with Armistead Maupin, ALOUD, Central Library, downtown LA, Spring 2014   
"Christopher Street West and Gay LA", Talk, Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Springs, CA, Fall 2013   
"Queer LA Panel", LA Festival of Books, USC campus, 04/21/2012  
""How Do We Learn What We Need to Know"", Faculty Showcase, USC admissions dept., USC Campus, LA, CA, 07/19/2011  
""On These Shoulders We Stand"", moderator at film screening, LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Renberg Theater, Hollywood, CA, 06/30/2011  
"Brokeback Mountain Panel", LA Book Fair, LA TIMES event, USC Campus, LA, CA, 04/30/2011  
""On These Shoulders We Stand"", moderator at film screening, USC Lambda/Quasa group, Taper Hall, USC campus, 04/20/2011  
""Jack, I swear": Some Promises to Gay Culture from Brokeback Mountain", Invited Lecture, Retirement of Professor Joe Wittreich, CUNY Grad Center; Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies, New York, New York, CUNY Grad Center, 04/15/2010  
"Talk on Love, West Hollywood", Brown Bag Lunch, USC English, Ide Room, Spring 2009   
"Measure for Measure", moderator/discussion leader, USC theater production, USC campus, Spring 2007   
"Moderator: GLBT Visibility in Hollywood, "Gay but not Forgotten"", Writers' Guild of America, WGA gay and lesbian caucus, Hollywood, CA, Spring 2007   
"An Evening with Tab Hunter", Interview/moderator, Santa Monica Public Library, Santa Monica, CA, 06/25/2006  



Fine, H., Freeman, C. (2009). Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft. Los Angeles, CA: Havenhurst Books. havenhurst books
Freeman, C., Berg, J. (2008). Love, West Hollywood: Reflections of Los Angeles. New York, NY: Alyson Books.
Freeman, C., Carlyle, J. (2006). Under the Rainbow: An Intimate Memoir of Judy Garland, Rock Hudson, and the End of Old Hollywood. (Chris Freeman, Ed.). New York, NY: Carroll and Graf.
Freeman, C., Berg, J. (2001). Conversations with Christopher Isherwood. (Vol. USA). University Press of Mississippi.
Freeman, C., Berg, J. (2000). The Isherwood Century: Essays on the Life and Work of Christopher Isherwood. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press.

Book Chapter

Freeman, C., Berg, J. J. (2013). "Auden and Isherwood" ch 30 in AUDEN IN CONTEXT. W.H. Auden in Context pp. 316-325. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.
Freeman, C. (2011). "Jack, I swear": Some Promises to Gay Culture from Mainstream Hollywood. The Brokeback Book pp. 103-117. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.
Freeman, C. (2001). "Something They Did in the Dark": Lesbian and Gay Novels in the US, 1948-73. Philadelphia, PA: Modern American Queer History, Temple University Press.

Book Review

Freeman, C. (2014). Review of Barrie Jean Borich, BODY GEOGRAPHIC. Gay and Lesbian Review.
Freeman, C. (2013). Isherwood after Stonewall. Gay and Lesbian Review. pp. pp 24-25.
Freeman, C. (2011). "Too Much Information" Review of Isherwood's 60s Diaries. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. pp. 31-2.
Freeman, C. (2010). "A Not So Distant Mirror" review of GAY BAR by Will Fellows and Helen Branson. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. pp. p 40. PubMed Web Address
Freeman, C. (2010). E.M. Forster: Brief Lives by Richard Canning (review). Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. pp. 42.
Freeman, C. (2010). "The Making of a Magazine" review of ADVOCATE DAYS by Mark Thompson. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. pp. 41-2. PubMed Web Address
Freeman, C. (2008). Review of WHAT BECOMES YOU. White Crane. pp. p. 45. PubMed Web Address
Freeman, C. (2008). Review of THE END OF THE WORLD BOOK. GLR. pp. 44.
Freeman, C. (2007). Review: Armistead Maupin's MICHAEL TOLLIVER LIVES. GLR Worldwide.
Freeman, C. (2006). GRIEF, a novel by Andrew Holleran. The Advocate. pp. 57, 59.
Freeman, C. (2006). Review: 3 Young Adult Novels. The Advocate. pp. 58.

Encyclopedia Article

Freeman, C. (2013). "Found History: LETTERS TO ONE". (Claude Sumers, Ed.). New Orleans: GLBTQ Online. PubMed Web Address
Freeman, C. (2009). Essay on Jim Grimsley for Encyclopedia of Contemporary LGBTQ Literature of the U.S. (Emmanuel Nelson, Ed.). 275-76. Vol. 1. Greenwood, CT: Greenwood Press. PubMed Web Address (greenwood press)
Freeman, C. (2005). Dictionary of Literary Biography. (James and Wanda Giles, Ed.). Vol. fiction, 20th century American. Gale.


Freeman, C. (2012). Yale AIDS Memorial Project (online). New Haven, CT. Yale University.
Freeman, C. (2011). "The Many Lives of Malcolm Boyd". (Richard Schneider, Ed.). pp. p 30. Boston, MA. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide.
Freeman, C. (2011). "Art Memo: Paul Monette's BORROWED TIME". (Richard Schneider, Ed.). pp. 36-7. Boston, MA. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide.
Freeman, C. (2011). The Professor on the Dance Floor: Alice Echols and HOT STUFF. pp. 1. Los Angeles, CA. The Advocate.
Freeman, C. (2010). Artist Profile: Jeff Sheng "A Lens on the Soldiers of DADT". (Richard Schneider, Ed.). pp. p 26. Boston, MA. Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide. PubMed Web Address

Journal Article

Freeman, C. (2014). Christopher Isherwood and the Limits of Camp. Modernism/Modernity. (2016 forthcoming)
Freeman, C., Berg, J. (2010). Isherwood the Multiculturalist. The Chronicle of Higher Education/Chronicle Review. Vol. LVI (18), pp. B13-B15.
Freeman, C. (2008). Lives in Art: Isherwood and Bachardy. GLR. Vol. Sept-Oct 2008 (15/5), pp. 30-33.
Freeman, C. (2006). GLAAD history: From Rags to Kudos. Variety. pp. A2, A7.
Freeman, C. (2005). "Making Fun Out of It": Rethinking Isherwood's WORLD IN THE EVENING. The Christopher Isherwood Review. (1, 2005), pp. 89-103.

Magazine/Trade Publication

Freeman, C. Interview with Sean Strub. Gay and Lesbian Review.
Freeman, C. At the Corner of Hollywood and Gay. Gay and Lesbian Review website blog.
Freeman, C. Artist Profile: Peter Paige. Gay and Lesbian Review.
Freeman, C. "From Sexy to Serious: Ben Patrick Johnson". Frontiers Magazine. Vol. 28, pp. 2 pp.. Frontiers
Freeman, C. First Lady of Celluloid Community: Kirsten Schaffer. Frontiers Magazine. Vol. 28, pp. 2pp. frontiers
Freeman, C. Interview with Artist Don Bachardy. Frontiers. Vol. 27, pp. 18, 20.
Freeman, C. Interview with Director Donna Deitch. Frontiers. Vol. 27, pp. 18, 20.
Freeman, C. Interview with Gay Historian Boze Hadleigh. Frontiers. Vol. 27, pp. 18, 20.
Freeman, C. Interview: Stephen McCauley. pp. pg 124.


Freeman, C. (2013). Tom Bianchi: Eyes on the Pines. Gay and Lesbian Review.
Freeman, C. (2012). "Vito: The Artist as Activist". Gay and Lesbian Review.
Freeman, C. (2012). "Marilyn Monroe: a serious, mysterious life". Gay and Lesbian review.

Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

TV roundtable, KLCS, a public television channel of LAUSD, roundtable discussion of GAY LA: Then and Now. Broadcast Oct/Nov 2013., 10/2013  
interview, Interview for History Channel Documentary series, How Sex Changed the World, on Weimar Germany., 06/2012  
Interview, Interview of Pyramid TV (Canada) for a series, "Inside Hollywood" on Gay Hollywood for TV broadcast in North America., 2009-2010   
Interviewed for SAVING THE BOOM, Commentary on documentary about historic preservation and gay culture, 2008  
interviewee and consultant for CHRIS & DON: A LOVE, This documentary on Isherwood and Bachardy premiered at the AFI Festival in Hollywood in November, 2007. I am in the film half a dozen times, and my first book, THE ISHERWOOD CENTURY, was a major source for the project., 2007-2008   
Interviewed for SIN CITIES:Berlin for CBC, I was interviewed for a documentary on Berlin between the wars; aired on CBC and A&E, released on DVD, 2006., 2005-2006   

Honors and Awards

USC Parents' Association finalst, 2006-2007   

Service to the Profession


Reviewer for Publication

Twentieth Century Literature, Hostra University, Peer-reviewed two essays: one Edmund White's novel FAREWELL SYMPATHY and one on Baldwin's GIOVANNI'S ROOM and Vidal's CITY AND PILLAR. , Fall 2011   
ORAL HISTORY REVIEW, Oxford Journals for the Humanities, Peer reviewed an essay called "Animate Ephemera" on queer archives., 07/2011  
TWENTIETH CENTURY LITERATURE, Hofstra University, Peer-reviewed essay on Isherwood's final GOODBYE TO BERLIN, 12/2010  
Postscripts: The Journal of Sacred Texts and Contemporary Worlds, Equinox Journals, Peer review of essay called "The Guru and His Queer Disciples"--on Christopher Isherwood and Vedanta., Spring 2010   
Twentieth Century Literature, Hofstra University, Peer review of essay on Isherwood's novel THE WORLD IN THE EVENING, Fall 2008   
Twentieth Century Literature, Hofstra University, Peer review essay on Christopher Isherwood's BERLIN STORIES., Fall 2007   

Media, Alumni, and Community Relations

Gay and Lesbian Caucus of the WGA, led panel discussion for a crowd of 200+, Spring 2007   
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