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Ann Renken

Associate Professor (Teaching) of Psychology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-2203
Office: SGM 525b



Ph.D. Neuroscience, Baylor University, 8/2001
M.A. Neuroscience, Baylor University, 5/1998
B.A. Psychology, Truman State University, 5/1996

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Non-Tenure Track Appointments

Associate Professor (teaching), USC , 04/2012-  
Assistant Professor (teaching), University of Southern California, 2008-2012  
Lecturer, University of Southern California, 01/2004-05/2008  
Lecturer, California State University, Fullerton, 01/2004-05/2007  

Visiting and Temporary Appointments

Visiting Assistant Professor, Scripps College, 2001-2002   
Lecturer, Baylor University, 1998-2001  
Instructor, McLennan Community College, 08/1998-05/2001  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

I am currently studying how unconscious and conscious exposure to stimuli related to negative emotions affects spatial attention, directing it more leftward or more rightward. A current project with several undergraduate research assistants relates individual differences to spatial attention, including traits associated with enhanced left versus right hemisphere activity, gender, and how personally meaningful negative emotion words are reported to be. We are using a variant of line bisection as a measure of spatial attention, and plan on broadening the range of spatial tasks in future studies to include more "real world" visual displays.

Funded Research

USC Funding

Next Level Initiative/Psychology. Emotionally-primed Spatial Judgments: Effects on Hemispheric Activation: Examined emotion-word priming and spatial attention., $1,000, 2008-2009   

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Increased Right Hemisphere Activation by Aversive Word Primes in Threat Sensitive People", Association for Psychological Science, Poster, San Francisco, CA, Spring 2009   
"College Students' Fear and Perceived STD/HIV Vulnerability Following Risky Sexual Behavior", American Psychological Society, Poster, Los Angeles, Spring 2005   
"New directions in Terror Management Theory? Implications from a Mortality Salience study", American Psychological Society, Poster, Atlanta, GA, Spring 2003   
"Optimal conditions for predicting test performance at expanding retention intervals. ", Psychonomic Society, Poster, New Orleans, LA, Fall 2000   
"Evidence for transfer appropriate monitoring in predicting future test performance.", Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Poster, Tucson, AZ, Spring 2000   
"When is the test? Predicting future test performance at expanding delays", Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Poster, Tucson, AZ, Spring 2000   
"Measuring ‘awareness’ as metacognitive accuracy in implicit learning.", Psychonomic Society, Poster, Los Angeles, Fall 1999   
" Measuring ‘awareness’ as metacognitive accuracy in implicit learning research", Southwestern Psychological Association, Talk/Oral Presentation, Albuquerque, NM, Spring 1999   
"Effective demonstrations for the teaching of psychology.", Southwest Regional Conference for Teachers of Psychology, Talk/Oral Presentation, Fort Worth, TX, Fall 1998   
"Transfer appropriate monitoring: Matching prediction and retrieval conditions improves metacogntive performance.", Psychonomic Society, Talk/Oral Presentation, Dallas, TX, Fall 1998   
"Does intentional learning raise confidence or awareness? Distinguishing explicit from implicit knowledge.", Southwestern Psychological Association, Poster, New Orleans, Spring 1998   
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