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Alain Borer

Professor of the Practice of French

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Phone: (213) 740-3700
Office: THH 126

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Alain Borer (born in Luxeuil, France, 1949) is a poet, art critic, essayist, novelist, playwright, writer-traveler and eminent authority on the works of Arthur Rimbaud. He has been Professor of Art at l’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Tours since 1979 and Visiting Professor of French Literature at the University of Southern California since 2005. He recently received the Kessel Prize for his novel Koba (Seuil, 2002), as well as the 70th Apollinaire Prize for his play Icare & I don’t (Seuil). In 2010, Alain Borer was awarded the 10th Pierre Mac Orlan Prize for Le Ciel & la carte, carnet de voyage dans les mers du Sud à bord de La Boudeuse (Seuil), and the Maurice Genevoix Prize from the Academie Française in 2011. Alain Borer was made a Knight (1985), then Officer (1993) of Arts and Letters in the French Legion of Honor, and is President of the Printemps des poètes association. Alain Borer additionally received the Édouard Glissant Prize in 2005, awarded by the University of Paris VIII for all of his achievements.

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Professor of the Practice, University of Southern California, Fall 2011   

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

After having devoted thirty years to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, and written essays on art and literature, I am writing a four volumes book on a theory of poetry.

Research Keywords

French poetry, Rimbaud, Semiology, theory, aesthetics

Research Specialties

French literature



BORER, A. (2000). DÉPLORATION DE JOSEPH BEUYS. Lausanne. Bibliothèque des Arts.
BORER, A. (1991). RIMBAUD L'HEURE DE LA FUITE. Paris. Gallimard.
BORER, A. (1991). RIMBAUD D'ARABIE. Paris. Seuil.
BORER, A. (1984). RIMBAUD EN ABYSSINIE. pp. 450. Paris. Seuil.


BORER, A. (2010). LE CIEL & LA CARTE. Paris. Seuil.
BORER, A. (2002). KOBA. Paris. Seuil.


BORER, A. (2007). ICARE & I DON'T. Paris. Seuil.

Teaching Innovations and Multimedia Teaching

Use of films, songs, power point, 2010-2011   

Honors and Awards

Grand Prix Deluen de l'Académie française, 2015-2016   
Prix François Mauriac, 2015-2016   
Prix Maurice Genevoix de l'Académie française, 2011-2012   
Prix Mémoire de la mer, 2010-2011   
Prix Pierre Mac Orlan, 2010-2011   
Prix Apollinaire , 2008-2009   
Prix Edouard Glissant 2005, 2005-2006   
Prix Kessel, 2002-2003   
Prix de l'essai de l'Académie française, 1985-1986   

Service to the University

Other Service to the University

invitation of a French playwriter JEAN-PIERRE SIMÉON, october 22-28, Fall 2011   
Invitation of a French novelist JEAN ROUAUD Winner of the Prix Goncourt 1990, november 2010, Fall 2010   
Videoconference with the poet EDOUARD GLISSANT, from New York Invitation of a French poet and translator JACQUES DARRAS, Fall 2009   
Invitation of two French poets ZÉNO BIANU & ANDRÉ VELTER, Fall 2008   
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