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Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Assistant Professor of Economics

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-2108
Office: KAP 330C

Personal Website


Ph.D. Economics, University of Rochester, 2004
M.A. Economics, University of Rochester, 2002

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Tenure Track Appointments

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Southern California, 07/2011-  
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Iowa, 08/2008-05/2011  
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Southern California, 09/2004-07/2008  

Visiting and Temporary Appointments

Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, 2010-2012  
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 07/01/2007-07/31/2008  

Description of Research

Research Keywords


Research Specialties

Growth, Schooling and Human Capital, Fertility


Book Chapter

Vandenbroucke, G., Greenwood, J. (2008). Hours Worked: Long-run Trends. The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.

Journal Article

Restuccia, D., Vandenbroucke, G. (2013). "The Evolution of Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis". International Economic Review. Vol. 54 (3)
Restuccia, D., Vandenbroucke, G. (2013). "A Century of Human Capital and Hours". Economic Inquiry. Vol. 51 (3)
Vandenbroucke, G. (2013). "Fertility and Wars: The Case of World War I in France". American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.
Dekle, R., Vandenbroucke, G. (2012). "A Quantitative Analysis of China's Structural Transformation". Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Vol. 36 (1)
Dekle, R., Vandenbroucke, G. (2010). "Whither Chinese Growth? A Sectoral Growth Accounting Approach". Review of Development Economics. Vol. 14 (3)
Vandenbroucke, G. (2009). "Trends in Hours: The U.S. from 1900 to 1950". Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Vol. 33 (1)
Vandenbroucke, G. (2008). "The American Frontier: Technology versus Immigration". Review of Economic Dynamics. Vol. 11 (2)
Vandenbroucke, G. (2008). "The U.S. Westward Expansion". International Economic Review. Vol. 49 (1)
Vandenbroucke, G., Greenwood, J., Seshadri, A. (2005). The Baby Boom and Baby Bust. The American Economic Review. Vol. 95 (1)

Honors and Awards

P.E.T.E. (Professional Excellence in the Training of Economists), University of Iowa, 2010-2011   
Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review, 2009, 2008-2009   

Service to the Profession

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Associate Editor, Journal of Economics Dynamics and Control, 2013-  
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