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Tin-Yu Tseng

Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Chinese

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3715
Office: THH 356H

Course Information


Ph.D. German Drama, German Department , USC, 5/1998

Description of Research

Research Specialties

The research project attempts to test the validity of the typed approach versus handwritten testing mode within the ACTFL WPT standard. This involves a continual effort to collect, test and assess students’ writing samples input and stored in an on line research platform. However, the greatest challenge of this research project will be the research team’s effort to modify the current guideline for Chinese WPT. Since nor the current ACTFL guideline and neither the WPT training workshops touched upon the issues regarding how to rate the category of “accuracy” for the Chinese WPT, it is apparent that the inadequacy of the standard and the related issues need to be carefully examined, corrected so that a more compatible guideline could be developed for the Chinese WPT. To effectively tackle the issues, the research team proposes to quantify the rating rubric in all categories, specifically the category of “accuracy” for Chinese so that a clearer, more objective standard could be likely established. The proposed quantifying paradigm is expected to be repeatedly examined, analyzed, and tested on students’ writing samples of all proficiency levels until a compatible, agreeable model is successfully configured.
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