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Nicos Petasis

Harold and Lillian Moulton Chair in Organic/Polymer Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-6683
Office: LHI 219

Faculty Profile on Departmental Website


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 1983
B.S. Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1978

Postdoctoral Training

Research Associate and Adjunct Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, 1984-1987  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology • New organic reactions: New reactions of organotitanium, organoaluminum and organoboron compounds. New methods for asymmetric synthesis and catalysis. • New technologies: New processes for hydrocarbon and energy-related chemistry. New technologies for process chemistry and sustainability. New advanced materials. • New strategies: New concepts for the synthesis of amines, amino acids, amino alcohols, amino sugars, peptidomimetics and heterocycles. New strategies for combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. • New bioactive molecules: New bioactive heterocycles. New polyunsaturated lipid mediators including lipoxins, resolvins, protectins. New metabolites of omega-3 fatty acids. • New therapies: Design, synthesis and study of new therapeutic and chemo-preventive agents. Development of new methods for the treatment of inflammation, periodontal disease, cystic fibrosis, neurodegenerative diseases, ophthalmic diseases, and cancer. New small molecule epigenetic modulators.

Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

Department of Chemistry, USC Dornsife College
Department of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, USC School of Pharmacy
Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, USC Dornsife College
Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, USC Keck School of Medicine
Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center
USC Center for Drug Discovery and Development
USC Free Radical Institute
USC Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Multicomponent Reactions with Organoboron Compounds", Quimicuba 2015, 9th Congress of Chemical Sciences, Technology and Innovation, Keynote Lecture, Abstract, Havana, Cuba, Invited, 10/13/2015  
"Boron-based multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles", 6th International Conference on Multi-Component Reactions and Related Chemistry (MCR2015) , Conference Presentation, Brasilia, Brazil, Invited, 04/01/2015  
"Chemistry of anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving lipid mediators derived from EPA and DHA", 12th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, Keynote Lecture, Montpellier, France, European Federation for the Science and Technology, Invited, 09/15/2014  
"Synthesis, biosynthesis, and actions of DHA-derived resolvins and maresins", 13th International Conference on Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases, Conference Presentation, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Invited, 11/05/2013  
"From new methods and new molecules to new medicines", Arthur C. Cope and Arthur C. Cope Scholars Award Symposium, 238th American Chemical Society Meeting, Award Lecture, Abstract, Washington, DC, American Chemical Society, Invited, 08/18/2009  
"Synthesis of novel heterocycles from the one-step reaction of amines, carbonyls, and organoboron compounds", 13th International Conference on Boron Chemistry (IMEBORON XIII), Conference Presentation, Platja d'Aro, Barcelona, Spain, Invited, 09/21/2008  
"Total organic synthesis of resolvins, protectins, and related molecules", 2nd Workshop on Lipid Mediators and Informatics, Keynote Lecture, Boston, MA, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical Sch, Invited, 11/29/2007  
"From Chemistry to Medicine: New chemical reactions and new synthetic molecules leading to new therapies for inflammation and cancer", International Symposium on "Chemistry, Biology & Medicine, Conference Presentation, Paphos, Cyprus, Invited, 05/28/2006  


Book Chapter

Petasis, N. A. (2014). Formation and beneficial roles of polyunsaturated lipid mediators: Lipoxins, resolvins, protectins, and maresins. Lipid Oxidation in Health and Disease pp. 173-194. London, UK: Taylor & Francis.
Petasis, N. A. (2009). Alkenation with metal carbenes and related reactions. pp. 161-246. Science of Synthesis, Vol. 47, Alkenes, Thieme-Verlag.
Petasis, N. A. (2005). Multicomponent reactions with organoboron compounds. pp. 199-223. Multicomponent Reactions, Wiley-VCH.
Petasis, N. A. (2004). Titanium-carbene mediated reactions. pp. 427-447. Transition Metals for Organic Synthesis Vol. 1, Wiley-VCH.

Journal Article

Winkler, J. W., Orr, S. K., Dalli, J., Cheng, C. C., Sanger, J. M., Chiang, N., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N. (2016). Resolvin D4 stereoassignment and its novel actions in host protection and bacterial clearance. Scientific Reports/Nature. Vol. 6 (18972), pp. 1-11. PubMed Web Address
Liepouri, F., Bernasconi, G., Petasis, N. A. (2015). Component-selective and stereocontrolled one-step three-component reaction among aldehydes, amines, and allenyl boronic acids or allenyl pinacolboronates. Organic Letters. Vol. 17 (7), pp. 1628-1631. PubMed Web Address
Glynn, S. J., Gaffney, K. J., Sainz, M. A., Louie, S. G., Petasis, N. A. (2015). Molecular characterization of the boron adducts of the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib with epigallocatechin-3-gallate and related polyphenols. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. Vol. 13 (13), pp. 3887-3899. PubMed Web Address
Krishnamoorthy, N., Burkett, P. R., Dalli, J., Abdulnour, R. E., Colas, R., Ramon, S., Phipps, R. P., Petasis, N. A., Kuchroo, V. K., Serhan, C. N., Levy, B. D. (2015). Cutting Edge: Maresin-1 Engages Regulatory T Cells To Limit Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cell Activation and Promote Resolution of Lung Inflammation. The Journal of Immunology. Vol. 194 (3), pp. 863-867. PubMed Web Address
Musto, A. E., Walker, C. P., Petasis, N. A., Bazan, N. G. (2015). Hippocampal neuro-networks and dendritic spine perturbations in epileptogenesis are attenuated by neuroprotectin D1. PLoS ONE/Public Library of Science. Vol. 10 (1), pp. e0116543. PubMed Web Address
Abdulnour, R. E., Dalli, J., Colby, J. K., Krishnamoorthy, N., Timmons, J. Y., Tan, S. H., Colas, R. A., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N., Levy, B. D. (2014). Maresin 1 biosynthesis during platelet–neutrophil interactions is organ-protective. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. Vol. 111 (462014/11/06), pp. 16526-16531. PubMed Web Address
Tang, H., Liu, Y., Yan, C., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N., Gao, H. (2014). Protective actions of aspirin-triggered (17R) Resolvin D1 and its analogue, 17R-hydroxy-19-para-fluorophenoxy-resolvin D1 methyl ester, in C5a-dependent IgG immune complex–induced inflammation and lung injury. Journal of Immunology. Vol. 193 (7), pp. 3769-3778. PubMed Web Address
Hua, J., Jin, Y., Chen, Y., Inomata, T., Lee, H., Chauhan, S. K., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N., Dana, R. (2014). The resolvin D1 analogue controls maturation of dendritic cells and suppresses alloimmunity in corneal transplantation. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. Vol. 55 (9), pp. 5944-5951. PubMed Web Address
Asatryan, L., Yardley, M. M., Khoja, S., Trudell, J. R., Hyunh, N., Louie, S. G., Petasis, N. A., Alkana, R. L., Davies, D. L. (2014). Avermectins differentially affect ethanol intake and receptor function: implications for developing new therapeutics for alcohol use disorders. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. Vol. 17 (6), pp. 907-916.
Dalli, J., Zhu, M., Vlasenko, N. A., Deng, B., Haeggström, J. Z., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N. (2013). The novel 13S,14S-epoxy-maresin is converted by human macrophages to maresin 1 (MaR1), inhibits leukotriene A4 hydrolase (LTA4H), and shifts macrophage phenotype. The FASEB Journal. Vol. 27 (7), pp. 2573-2583. PubMed Web Address
Winkler, J. W., Uddin, J., Serhan, C. N., Petasis, N. A. (2013). Stereocontrolled total synthesis of the potent anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving lipid mediator Resolvin D3 and its aspirin-triggered 17R-epimer. Organic Letters. Vol. 15 (7), pp. 1424-1427. PubMed Web Address
Dalli, J., Winkler, J. W., Colas, R. A., Arnardottir, H., Cheng, C. C., Chiang, N., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N. (2013). Resolvin D3 and Aspirin-Triggered Resolvin D3 Are Potent Immunoresolvents. Chemistry & Biology. Vol. 20 (2), pp. 188-201. PubMed Web Address
Sharma, N., Thomas, S., Golden, E., Hofman, F., Chen, T., Petasis, N. A., Schönthal, A. H., Louie, S. G. (2012). Inhibition of autophagy and induction of breast cancer cell death by mefloquine, an antimalarial agent. Cancer Letters. Vol. 326 (2), pp. 143-154. PubMed Web Address
Xu, S., Butkevich, A. N., Yamada, R., Zhou, Y., Debnath, B., Duncan, R., Zandi, E., Petasis, N. A., Neamati, N. (2012). Discovery of an orally active small-molecule irreversible inhibitor of protein disulfide isomerase for ovarian cancer treatment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Vol. 109 (40), pp. 16348-16353. PubMed Web Address
Calandria, J. M., de Rivero Vaccari, J. C., Mukherjee, P. K., Zhu, M., Petasis, N. A., Bazan, N. G. (2012). Ataxin-1 Poly(Q)-induced Proteotoxic Stress and Apoptosis Are Attenuated in Neural Cells by Docosahexaenoic Acid-derived Neuroprotectin D1. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 287 (28), pp. 23726-23739.
Bazan, N. G., Eady, T. N., Khoutorova, L., Atkins, K. D., Hong, S., Lu, Y., Zhang, C., Jun, B., Obenaus, A., Fredman, G., Zhu, M., Winkler, J. W., Petasis, N. A., Serhan, C. N., Belayev, L. (2012). Novel aspirin-triggered neuroprotectin D1 attenuates cerebral ischemic injury after experimental stroke. Experimental Neurology. Vol. 236 (1), pp. 122-130. PubMed Web Address
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Honors and Awards

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, 2013-  
American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, 2009-  
USC Associates Award For Creativity In Research And Scholarship, 2008-  
Novartis Chemistry Lectureship, 2007-  
Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer, Case Wester Reserve University, 2005-  
Boron Americas Award for Distinguished Achievements in Boron Science, 2002-  
USC Endowed Chair, Harold and Lillian Moulton Chair in Organic/Polymer Chemistry, 9/1/2001-  
USC Academic Senate Executive Board, Secretary General, 1998-2000  

Service to the University

Administrative Appointments

Head, Organic/Materials Division, Department of Chemistry, 2005-  


Member, Strategic Missions & Planning Committee, Department of Chemistry, 2013-  
Member, USC Stevens Institute’s Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology Translation, 2012-  
Member, Executive Committee, Department of Chemistry, 2005-  
Chair, Faculty Search Committee, Organic/Materials Division, Department of Chemistry, 2006-2011  
Member, University Committee on Academic Program Review, 2007-2010  
Member, Faculty Search Committee for Medicinal/Computational Chemistry, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, USC School of Pharmacy , 2007-2008   
Member, USC College, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Personnel Committee , 2005-2007  
Member, Faculty Search Committee, Organic/Materials Division, Department of Chemistry, 2004-2006  
Member, University Research Committee, 1998-2000  
Co-Chair, Provost’s Special Committee on Faculty Review, 1998-1999   
Member, Committee on General Education, USC College, 1997-1998   

Service to the Profession


Chair, Review Committee on Systems Biology, Bioengineering and Molecular Medicine, Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI), 2012-2013  
Member, Expert Panel on Chemistry & Materials, Aristeia Research Program, National Council for Research & Technology, Athens, Greece, 2011-2013  
Member, Chemistry Advisory Board, Demokritos National Research Center, Athens, Greece, 2004-2005  

Conferences Organized

Organizer, Special Symposium on "Discovery and Development of Novel Therapeutics: Recent Advances and Future Trends", USC, 05/18/2012  
Organizer, Stauffer Symposium on "Function-Oriented Synthesis: From New Reactions to New Medicines", USC, 04/26/2011  
Organizer, Stauffer Symposium on "New Aspects of Catalysis and Total Organic Synthesis", USC, 03/27/2008  
Co-organizer and Host, International Symposium on Chemistry, Biology & Medicine, Paphos, Cyprus, 05/28/2006-06/01/2006  
Co-organizer, Symposium on "Boronic Acids: Synthetic and Biological Applications," Pacifichem 2005, International Chemical Congress, Honolulu, HI, 12/15/2005-12/20/2005  

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Chief Editor, Frontiers in Chemical Biology, 2012-  
Member, Editorial Board, Organic Chemistry International, 2010-  
Member, Editorial Board, Research Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2007-2009  

Professional Memberships

American Association for Cancer Research, 2013-  
New York Academy of Sciences, 2005-  
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1987-  
American Chemical Society, 1987-  

Review Panels

NIH/NCATS, Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases Special Emphasis Review Panel (ZTR1 DPI-8), 2012-2013   
NIH/NCI, Provocative Questions Review Panel (ZCA1 SRLB-9M1R), 2011-2012   
NIH/NCI, Drug Discovery, Chemoprevention and Targeted Therapy Special Emphasis Review Panel (P01), 2009-2010   
NIH/NCI, Molecular Oncology-Basic, Translational and Clinical Special Emphasis Review Panel (ZCA1 RPRB-P01), 2009-2010   
NIH/CSR, Synthetic and Biological Chemistry Study Section A (SBCA), 2008-2009   
NIH/CSR, Synthetic and Biological Chemistry Study Section A (SBCA), 2007-2008   
NIH/CSR, Synthetic and Biological Chemistry Study Section B (SBCB), 2006-2007   
NIH/NCI, Cancer Therapeutics Cluster Review Panel, 2003-2004   
NIH/CSR, Study Section on Medicinal Chemistry, ad hoc, 1996-2003  
NIH/NCI, Program Project Review Panel, 2001-2002   
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