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Lynn Miller

Professor of Communication and Psychology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3948
Office: ASC 101B


Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Miller specializes in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and health communication. She has worked on projects funded by the Centers for Disease Control, Annenberg Center, UARP/State of California, and the National Institute of Mental Health. Topics include using fuzzy logic for modeling sexual harassment perceptions and examining factors that affect how at-risk populations process and react to AIDS-related messages, using evolutionary approaches and connectionist models to understand communication processes.


Book Chapter

Miller, L., Read, S. J. (2006). Virtual Sex: Creating environments for reducing risky sex. pp. p. 000-000. Virtual Decisions: Digital simulations for teaching reasoning in the social sciences and humanities/Erlbaum.
Read, S. J., Miller, L. (2005). Explanatory coherence and goal-based knowledge structures in making dispositional inferences. pp. p. 000-000. Boston, MA: Other Minds/Guilford Press.

Journal Article

Read, S. J., Miller, L., Appleby, P. R., Nwosu, M., Reynaldo, S. E., Lauren, A., Putcha, A. (2006). Socially Optimized Learning in a Virtual Environment: Reducing Risky Sexual Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men. . Human Communication Research/International Communication Association. Vol. 32 (1), pp. 1-34.
Yang, Y., Read, S. J., Miller, L. (2006). A taxonomy of situations from Chinese idioms: Goal processes as a central organizing principle. Journal of Research in Personality/NA. Vol. 40, pp. pp. 750-778.
Read, S. J., Miller, L. (2002). Virtual Personalities: A Neural Network Model of Personality. Personality and Social Psychology Review/Erlbaum. Vol. 6, pp. 357-369.
Read, S. J., Vanman, E. J., Miller, L. (1997). Connectionism, Parallel Constraint Satisfaction Processes and Gestalt Principles: (Re) Introducing Cognitive Dynamics to Social Psychology. Personality and Social Psychology Review/Erlbaum. Vol. 1, pp. 26-53.


Zachary, W., LeMentec, J., Miller, L., Read, S. J., Thomas Meyers, G. (2005). Human behavioral representations with realistic personality and cultural characteristics. pp. p. 000-000. proceedings of the Tenth International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, McLean, VA./NA.
Zachary, W., LeMentec, J., Read, S. J., Miller, L. (2005). Steps toward a Personality-based Architecture for Cognition. pp. p. 000-000. Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Behavioral Representation in Modeling and Simulation, Los Angeles, CA./NA.
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