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Namkil Kim

Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3712
Office: Ahn House

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Washington, 1/1974
M.A. , Yonsei University, 1/1966
B.A. , Yonsei University, 1/1962
M.A. , University of Washington

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Professor Kim's research on Korean language teaching focuses on the problems of Korean language education in the Los Angeles area, the internationalization of Korean language education and Korean culture. His current research on linguistics concentrates on comparative cross-linguistic study of East Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. He is currently working on writing a set of Korean textbooks (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) for college students and general public. He is also working n tow books: A grammar of contemporary Korean and Korean applied linguistics.

Research Keywords

Korean linguistics, East Asian linguistics, language typology, and Koren applied linguistics

Research Specialties

Korean linguistics, Korean language acquisition and pedagogy, and Korean applied linguistics

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Applied linguistics and the teaching of Korean in America", Jipyenjon Conference on Korean Langauge, Talk/Oral Presentation, Kyengbok Palace, Seoul, Korea, Korean Language Society, Invited, 2009-2010   
"Contrastive analysis and the teaching of Korean", The 33rd Spring Conference of International Assoication of Koran Language Education, Keynote Lecture, Kyenghee University, Seoul, Korea, Interantional Association of Korean Language Educa, Invited, 2009-2010   
"On launching Korean applied linguistics", The 1st International Conference of Korean Applied Linguistics, Keynote Lecture, USC, Los Angeles, Interhnational Conference on Korean Applied Lingui, Invited, 2009-2010   
"On the comparative study of International Phonetic Alphabet and Korean alphabet (Hangul) for the transferring device for computer processing", Interantional Conference on Multi-lingual Informatics and Communications , Talk/Oral Presentation, Abstract, Yanbian Universtiy, Yanbian, China, Korean Information Socieity of China & The Associa, Invited, 2009-2010   
"On Korean Applied Linguistics", 2009 Conference on Korean Information Science, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Paper, Kyung Hee Alunmi Building, Seoul, Korea, Korean Information Society, 2008-2009   
"On Korean applied linguistics", 2009 Conference of Korean Information Society, Talk/Oral Presentation, Kyeng Hee University Alumni Building, Seoul, Korea, Korean Information Society, 2008-2009   
"Translation in language learning and teaching", The 13th Conference of Korean and Japanese Translation and Interpretation, Keynote Lecture, Paper, Kyeng Hee Universithy, Seoul, Korea, Assocication of Koran and Japanese Translation and, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Trnaslation in language learning and teaching", The 13th Conference of Korean-Japanese translation, Keynote Lecture, Kyeng Hee University, Seoul, Korea, Associatio of Koran-Japanese translation, Invited, 2008-2009   
"Contrative analysis and the hierarchy of difficulty in some grammatical elements between Korean and English", International Conference on Multiple Languages and Information Technology, Talk/Oral Presentation, Paper, Interantional Hotel, Yambian, China, The Association of Korean Language Information, Invited, 2007-2008   


Book Chapter

Kim, M. N. (2009). KOREAN in The World's Major Languages. Second Edition pp. 765-79. London: Routledge.

Journal Article

KIM, M. N. (2012). On launching Korean applied linguistics. Journal of Korean Information. Vol. 13 (2), pp. 20.
Kim, M. N. (2010). Korean applied linguistics and the teaching of Korean in America. Nara Srang. Vol. 116, pp. 275-307.
Kim, M. N. (2009). On Korean applied linguistics. Journal of Korean information. Vol. 11 (1), pp. 1-12.

Service to the University


Member, EALC Tenure Track Faculty Review Committee, 2009-2010   
Member, Dean's Basic Language Advisory Committee, 2008-2009   
Member, EALC Faculty Review Committee, 2008-2009   
Member, EALC TGenure Track Faculty Evaluation Committee, 2007-2008   
Member, Non-Tenure Track Faculty Evaluation Committee, 2007-2008   
Member, Searh Committee for Korean Literature Position, 2007-2008   

Other Service to the University

As a Korean language director, I directed weekly Koran TA meetings and supervised TAs to conduct effective and productive teaching., 2009-2010   
Reviewed the laguage program for USC Yonsei University Study Abroad Program, 2009-2010   
Served as a faculty adviser for Korean Students Association, 2007-2008   

Service to the Profession

Conferences Organized

Organizer, The 10th Koran Teachers Taining Workshop, USC, The annual teacher training workshop was organized and about 100 teachers participated in it., 2009-2010   
Organizer, The 1st International Comference on Korean Applied Linguistics, USC, Co-organized with Korean School Association of America, Association of Korean Bilingual Education, and Korea Communications Society. About fifty papers were delivered at the conference by people who came from 5 countries. , 2009-2010   
Organizer, The 9th Korean Teachers Training Workshop, USC, Organized annual Koraen Teachers Training Workshop to to provde new taching skills to both Korean community public and weekend school teachers., 2008-2009   
Organizer, Korean Language Teachers Training Workshop, USC, Organized the annual teachers training workshop., Spring 2008   
Co-organizer, International Conference on Multiple Languages and Information Technology, International Hotel, Yanbian, China, 11/26/2007-11/28/2007  

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Member fo Editorail Board, Journal of Korean Studies for CAAKS, 2008-2009   
Member of Editorial Board, Korean Language Research Circile, 2008-2009   

Professional Offices

Adviser, Central Asian Association for Korean Studies, 2008-2009   
Adviser, International Associatio of Korean Langauge Education, 2008-2009   

Professional Memberships

Central Asian Association for Korean Studies, 2008-2009   
International Association for Korean Language Education, 2008-2009   
Korean Language Research Circle, 2008-2009   
Linguistic Society of America, 2007-2008   
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