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John Chang

Master Lecturer

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-9583
Office: THH 356


Description of Research

Research Keywords

online distance learning, streaming media programming, mobile programming, collaborative language learning, online quizzes, online testing, online interactive speaking, online exam

Research Specialties

Online language learning with Adobe Flash technology Mobile learning on iPhone / iPad

Funded Research

USC Funding

SKUNK works. Online language learning: Speaking: The project allows for language instructors to create speaking exercises for students to practice speaking outside class., $30,830, 09/2007-  

Other Funded Research

Technology Enhanced Learning TEL_DL project, provided with hardware and software to experiment with podcast and distance learning experience., 2006-2007   

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Technology Enhanced Assessment and Feedback in Chinese Language Pedagogy", ACTFL, Talk/Oral Presentation, Abstract, Denver. CO, Fall 2011   
"Authoring in the Mobile Age: Creating Interactive Contents for the iPhone Using iWillSpeak", TCLT 6, Lecture/Seminar, Ohio State University, Hamilton College, OSU, Invited, 06/12/2010-06/14/2010  

Other Presentations

"e-Book: A student portfolio", CLTA-SC Tech Workshop, CLTA-SC, Irvine, CA, Fall 2011   
"Integrated Online Exam System", CLTA-SC Tech Workshop, CLTA-SC, USC THH 210, Fall 2010   



Chang, W., Li, Y., Wu, X., Li, Y. (2004). Integrated Chinese Multimedia Companion CD-ROM. Boston, MA: Cheng & Tsui Company.


Chang, W. (2006). Creating videos like a PRO.
Chang, W. (2006). Macromedia Flash Media Server: the streaming technology and its application.

Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

Software, Developed an online e-Book where students can create ebooks, presentations, or works as a portfolio, 2011-2012   
Developed an online exam system, 2009-2010   
web site, continual development of the language learning platform, iWillSpeak, many new modules added and features enhancement. The software has also been ported to iPhone for easier leaning on-the-go. ;-), 2008-2009   
web site, Work at continued. 1) more advanced feedback added 2) online vocabulary quiz added 3) server migration, 08/2007-08/2008  
web site, Online speaking brought to the next level, now including
1) a simple feedback system.
2) an online lab session where teachers can conduct language instruction in real-time over the internet.
3) users from other schools like CSULA and CLU.
4) USC Stevens will file a provisional patent., 08/2004-08/2007  

New Courses Developed

EALC 366: Chinese Professional Communication, EALC, The new course was developed for the new business minor in Chinese., 2015-2016   
EALC 101x, EALC, Conversational Chinese and Intercultural Communications, 2011-2012   
Chinese 103a, b, EALC Chinese 1a, b, The regular Chinese 1, EALC 104, is broken down to two 2-unit classes., 2007-2008   

Honors and Awards

Nominee of the USC Parents Association Teaching and Mentoring Awards, Fall 2011   
2007 Gamma Sigma Alpha Professor of the Year, 2007-2008   
Nominee of the USC Parents Association Teaching and Mentoring Awards, 2006-2007   

Service to the University

Administrative Appointments

Chinese Language Program Director, 2011-2012   
Departmental web site, 2011-2012   

Review Panels

USC, Faculty Evaluation Review, Spring 2011   

Other Service to the University

lead programmer & tech support for the language learning platform, iWillSpeak, hosted at USC. Supporting more than 300 users each year., 2010-2011   

Service to the Profession

Administrative Appointments

Webmaster for national Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA) , 2011-2012   
Webmaster for national Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA), 2010-2011   
Webmaster for national Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA), 2009-2010   


Member, CLTA-SC Board member, 2010-2011   

Conferences Organized

Organizer, CLTA-SC tech workshop, USC - THH 210, Fall 2010   

Professional Memberships

Chinese Language Teacher Association (CLTA), 2010-2011   
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