Vanessa Ovalle

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My interests include poetry and poetics of Latin America, the French Caribbean and the United States; translation and its theories; postcolonial/transnational studies; questions of authenticity; and post-dictatorship writing.  As a senior at Cornell University I completed an undergraduate senior thesis entitled “C- in Spanish for Bilinguals.”  This work included both poetry composition and critical analysis.  Before beginning the CSLC program in Comparative Literature at USC, I worked as a research assistant in Anthropology and contributed to the graduate thesis “Perceptions of the ‘American Dream’ in Hispanic Unaccompanied Minors.”  Currently, I teach Spanish 120 for students who are new to the Spanish language.


  • B.A. Comparative Literature, Cornell University, 2010


  • Poetry Collection
    Ovalle, V. M. (2013). 5 Poems. Sydney. PORTAL Journal of Interdisciplinary Multicultural Studies: