Richard Mc Laughlin

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Biographical Sketch

Richard had the opportunity to study in a department and with faculty at Towson that encouraged interdisciplinarity; thus, he found himself focusing on Philosophy, World Literature, and Cultural Studies, all the while claiming that he was an English Literature student. He decided to transition to Comparative Literature and hasn't looked back. He is grateful for the support he has received from scholars along the way, including Peter Baker, Jennifer Ballengee, and Wolfgang Fuchs at Towson, and Robert Harvey, Patrice Nganang, and Mary Rawlinson at Stony Brook. He looks forward to developing his skills as a francophile and looking with the estimable faculty at USC on matters of revolution, philosophy and theory, and autobiographical writing, among other things. 


  • MA SUNY-Center at Stony Brook
  • BS Towson University, 12/2009


Summary Statement of Research Interests

  • The history of (de-)colonization and the question of postcolonialism, African and Caribbean Francophone relations, history and theory of revolutions, the transition from revolution to social order, critical theory and its relation to genealogies of Western philosophy, French authors and the French diaspora, theories of everyday life and utopia

Other Presentations

  • ""Before the Ascendance of Mediocrity: Jean Genet's Politics of Writing"", Graduate Student Colloquium, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Stony Brook Humanities Center, 03/21/2012