Samuel Steinberg

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

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Phone: (213) 740-1258
Office: THH 156

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Samuel Steinberg's research and teaching engage modern and contemporary Latin American literature and visual culture, as well as critical theory and political thought. He is the author of Photopoetics at Tlatelolco: Afterimages of Mexico, 1968 (University of Texas Press, 2016). Currently he is finishing a book entitled The Letter of Debt.


  • B.A. Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, 6/2000
  • M.A. Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine, 6/2003
  • Ph.D. Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Pennsylvania, 5/2009

  • Publications

    • Steinberg, S. (2016). Photopoetics at Tlatelolco: Afterimages of Mexico, 1968. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press. Amazon

    Book Review
    • Steinberg, S. (2012). Freud’s Mexico: Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis, by Rubén Gallo. Hispanic Review. pp. 334–37.
    • Steinberg, S. (2010). Ends of the Revolution. Review of Fictions of Totality: The Mexican Novel, 1968, and the National-Popular State, by Ryan F. Long. A Contracorriente. pp. 353–60.
    • Steinberg, S. (2009). Mexico, From Mestizo to Multicultural: National Identity and Recent Representations of the Conquest, by Carrie E. Chorba. Latin American Literary Review. pp. 139–41.
    • Steinberg, S. (2007). Resistances of Latin Americanism. Review of Testimonio: On the Politics of Truth, by John Beverley. CR: The New Centennial Review. pp. 263-78.
    • Steinberg, S. (2007). Mexican Modernity: The Avant–Garde and the Technological Revolution, by Rubén Gallo. Hispanic Review. pp. 427-29.

    Journal Article
    • Steinberg, S. (2016). Posthumous Dwelling. Comparative Literature.
    • Steinberg, S. (2015). History and Survival in Álvaro García Linera. Culture, Theory and Critique. Vol. 56 (3)
    • Steinberg, S. (2014). Cowardice—An Alibi: On Prudence and Senselessness. CR: The New Centennial Review. Vol. 14 (1), pp. 175-194.
    • Steinberg, S. (2013). Touching the Common: Contemporary Art and Mesoamerican War. Third Text. Vol. 27 (5), pp. 607–19.
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    • Steinberg, Samuel (Ed.). (2013). On John Beverley's Latinamericanism after 9/11. Política Común (ddited dossier in journal, with introduction "My Only Latin Americanism"). Link to introduction
    • Steinberg, Samuel; Good, Carl (Ed.). (2013). The Gift of Sight: Contemporary Economies of the Visual. Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture.