Thomas Habinek

Professor of Classics

Contact Information
E-mail: habinek@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-3684
Office: THH 256

Curriculum Vitae


  • A.B. Classics, Princeton University, 6/1975
  • Ph.D. Classical Philology, Harvard University, 6/1981

  • Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    Thomas Habinek has been Professor of Classics at USC since 1992 and recently completed his fifteenth and final year as chair of department. He has published numerous books and articles on topics in Latin literature, Roman cultural history, classical rhetoric, and natural scientific approaches to ancient art and literature. His awards and honors include two fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies and the Associates' Award for Excellence in Teaching, USC's highest teaching honor. He is currently at work on a book on interrelated concepts of personhood and authorship in the Roman world and on a jointly-authored book on the relationship between physics and aesthetics from antiquity through the nineteenth century.
    Research Specialties
    Latin literature, Roman Cultural History, Classical Rhetoric, Stoic Physics and its Afterlife


    • Habinek, T. (2012). Cicero On Living and Dying Well. Penguin Books.
    • Habinek, T. (2005). The World of Roman Song: From Ritualized Speech to Social Order. Johns Hopkins University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (2005). Ancient Rhetoric and Oratory. Blackwell Publishers.
    • Habinek, T. (1998). The Politics of Latin Literature: Writing, Identity, and Empire in Ancient Rome. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (1997). The Roman Cultural Revolution. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (1985). The Colometry of Latin Prose. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

    Book Chapter
    • Habinek, T. (2015). "Poetry, Patronage, and Politics in Rome". Companion to Ancient Aesthetics pp. 68-80. Oxford: Wliey-Blackwell.
    • Habinek, T. (2013). "Imago Suae Vitae: Seneca's Life and Career". Brill's Companion to Seneca pp. 3-32. Leiden: Brill.
    • Habinek, T. (2011). Tentacular Mind: Stoicism, Neuroscience, and the Configurations of Physical Reality, in Bridging the Gap between Neuroscience and the Humanities. Bridging the Humanities-Neuroscience Divide pp. 64-83. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    • Habinek, T. (2011). "Rhetoric, Music, and the Arts in Classical Rome", commissioned chapter for Oxford Handbook to Classical Rhetoric, ed. M. MacDonald.
    • Habinek, T. (2010). "Manilius' Conflicted Stoicism" in Forgotten Stars: Rediscovering Manilius' Astronomica. pp. 34-47. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (2009). "Situating Literacy at Rome" in Ancient Literacies, ed. W. Johnson and H. Parker. pp. 114-40. Oxford University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (2007). Probing the Entrails of the Universe: Astrology as Bodily Knowledge in Manilius' Astronomica. (Vol. NA). pp. 229-240. Cambridge, UK: Ordering Knowledge in the Roman Empire/Cambridge University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (2005). Slavery and Class. pp. p. 385-393. England: A Companion to Latin Literature/Blackwell.
    • Habinek, T. (2005). Satire as Aristocratic Play. (Vol. 177-91). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Companion to Roman Satire/Cambridge University Press.
    • Habinek, T. (1997). The Invention of Sexuality in the World-City of Rome. pp. p. 23-43. Cambridge, UK: The Roman Cultural Revolution/Cambridge University Press.

    Book Review
    • Habinek, T. (2008). Featured Review of M. Beard, The Roman Triumph. American Historical Review.

    Journal Article
    • Habinek, T. (2015). "At the Threshold of Representation: Cremation and Cremated Remains in Classical Latin Literature". Classical Antiquity. Vol. 35
    • Habinek, T. (2015). "Art as Oikeiosis in Vitruvius De Architectura 2". Arethusa.
    • Habinek, T. (2010). Ancient Art vs. Modern Aesthetics: A Naturalist Perspective. Arethusa. Vol. 43, pp. 215-230.
    • Habinek, T. (2006). The Wisdom of Ennius. Arethusa/Johns Hopkins University Press. Vol. 39 (2006) 471-88
    • Habinek, T. (2000). "Seneca's Renown: Gloria, Claritudo, and the Replication of the Roman Elite". Classical Antiquity/University of California Press. Vol. 19 (2000) 264-303

    Honors and Awards

    • Best Book in Classics and Ancient History, American Association of Publishers, 2/2006-  
    • USC Raubenheimer Outstanding Senior Faculty Award, 11/2005-  
    • American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship Recipient, 2003  
    • USC Associates Award For Excellence In Teaching, 2000  
    • American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship Recipient, 1984  

    Service to the University

    • Chair, College Dean's Advisory Council on the Humanities, 09/01/2010-06/30/2012  
    • Member, University Strategic Planning Committee, 2010-2011   
    • Chair, College Dean's Advisory Council on the Humanities, 2009-2010   

    Service to the Profession

    Administrative Appointments
    • Chair, Department of Classics, 2002-  

    Editorships and Editorial Boards
    • Editor, Classical Antiquity, 1986-  
    • University of California Press, Book Series: Classics and Contemporary Thought, 1992-2010  

    Professional Memberships
    • College Art Association, 2006-  
    • International Society for the History of Rhetoric, 2006-  
    • Vergil Society of America, 2004-  
    • American Philological Association, 1980-  

  • Department of Classics
  • University of Southern California
  • THH 256
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