Kai Green

Faculty Advisor: Kara Keeling

Contact Information

E-mail: kianagre@usc.edu

Biographical Sketch

Kai M. Green is a poet, performer, musician, and filmmaker dedicated to bringing the stories of the oppressed to forefront through their art and scholarship. Kai was born and raised in Oakland, California. Kai completed their B.A. in American Studies with a minor in Africana Studies at Williams College in 2007. Kai's dissertation engages the stories and histories of Black Queer Los Angeles. Kai has also completed a short documentary entitled, "It Gets Messy in Here" that explores the intersections of race, gender and sexuality via the experiences of transgender men and Masculine of Center women of color.


  • Ph.D. American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
  • PhD English, USC
  • B.A. American Studies and Ethnicity, Williams College, 06/2007



  • Department of American Studies & Ethnicity
  • University of Southern California
  • 3620 South Vermont Avenue
  • Kaprielian Hall 462
  • Los Angeles, California 90089-2534