Todd Honma

Faculty Advisor: Dorinne Kondo

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Todd Honma graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Japanese and Molecular Cell Biology. He has an M.A. in Asian American Studies and a master’s degree in Information Studies from UCLA. He is interested in exploring the lives and perspectives of those who inhabit different subcultural spaces within U.S. society, looking at the intersections and transnational dimensions of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and nationality. Dorinne Kondo is his first-year advisor.


  • B.A. UC - Berkeley, 05/1999
  • M.A. UC - Los Angeles, 06/2004



  • Department of American Studies & Ethnicity
  • University of Southern California
  • 3620 South Vermont Avenue
  • Kaprielian Hall 462
  • Los Angeles, California 90089-2534