Graduate Placement

Since our first PhD graduate in 2006, we have had 57 doctoral graduates as of summer 2015. Many have been placed in tenure track appointments at Yale, Oregon, Maryland, Michigan State, Kansas, Tennessee, Nevada, SUNY Binghamton, Trinity College, Northwestern, Dartmouth, among other institutions. Here you will find our most recent placement records in the last three years:

2013 | 2014 | 2015

Adam Seth Bush
Adam Seth Bush,
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Provost
College Unbound
Jih-Fei Cheng
Jih-Fei Cheng,
Assistant Professor
Scripps College
Anh-Thang Anh Dao
Anh-Thang Anh Dao,
ACLS Public Affairs Postdoctoral Fellow
San Francisco Arts Commission
Carolyn Marie Dunn
Carolyn Marie Dunn,
Assistant Professor of English and Associate Vice President of Institutional Diversity
Central Michigan University
Robert Eap
Robert Eap,
Interim Assistant Director
San Francisco State University
Laura Sachiko Fugikawa
Laura Sachiko Fugikawa,
Visiting Assistant Professor
Northwestern University
Kai M. Green
Kai M. Green,
Postdoctoral Fellow
Northwestern University
Christina L. Heatherton
Christina L. Heatherton,
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Trinity College
Jesus J Hernandez
Jesus J Hernandez,
Visiting Assistant Professor
Williams College
Emily Katherine Hobson
Emily Katherine Hobson,
Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and History
University of Nevada Reno
Todd Sano Urbano Honma
Todd Sano Urbano Honma,
Assistant Professor
Pitzer College
Imani Kai Johnson
Imani Kai Johnson,
Assistant Professor of Critical Dance Studies
University of California, Riverside
Nisha U. Kunte
Nisha U. Kunte,
High School Teacher
Sage Hill School
Sharon Kim Luk
Sharon Kim Luk,
Assistant Professor of English
University of Oregon
Jeb Aram Middlebrook
Jeb Aram Middlebrook,
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies, Department of Sociology
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Lata Murti
Lata Murti,
Assistant Professor
Brandman University
Phuong Tran Nguyen
Phuong Tran Nguyen,
Assistant Professor
Ithaca College
Luis Carlos Rodriguez
Luis Carlos Rodriguez,
Lecturer, Department of American Studies and Ethnicity
University of Southern California
Abigail Rosas
Abigail Rosas,
Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Ethnic Studies
California State University, Stanislaus
Ulli Kira Ryder
Ulli Kira Ryder,
Dean of Humanities and Education
Bristol Community College
Micaela Alicia Smith
Micaela Alicia Smith,
Research and Writing Associate
University of San Diego
Karen L. Yonemoto
Karen L. Yonemoto,
Visiting Assistant Professor
Claremont McKenna College
  • Department of American Studies & Ethnicity
  • University of Southern California
  • 3620 South Vermont Avenue
  • Kaprielian Hall 462
  • Los Angeles, California 90089-2534