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  • Preparation

    It is important for Dornsife College students to take advantage of career opportunities and resources available at USC as they prepare for life after graduation.  By now, you have come to undertand the meaning and significance of Transferable skills; skills that are learned in one area that can be utilized in other areas. 

    A Dornsife College education provide a solid foundation in  critical thinking, reading, writing, communication, interpersonal skills, research, and cultural competency.  These competency skills parallel the top 5 personal qualities/skills employers seek of prospective employees:

    1. Communication skills
    2. Strong work ethic
    3. Teamwork skills
    4. Initiative
    5. Interpersonal skills (NACE, 2010)

    It is now up to you to apply all that you learned and experienced inside and outside of the classroom to life beyond USC.  There are a multitude of things to consider but one of the most relevant is career choice. Outlined below are some important career services and resources to help you with your career exploration.


  • Exploration

    One of the best ways to learn about careers is to research and explore as much as you can about the different careers before you enter the job market. There is no limit to how you learn about prospective careers, but we recommend three simple yet effective ways to learn about career opportunities:


    Paid. Non-Paid. Good. Bad.  All internships are good for your professional development and career prospects.  Internships provide hands-on work-experience as well as opportunity to observe and participate in workplace culture.  Internships are an effective way to learn about careers before you apply for and accept job offers.  Visit the USC Career Center to get started with your internship search.

    Informational interviews

    Informatiomal internviews provide an inside look at private and public industry by allowing you the opportunity to speak with professionals in a desired field.  Informational interviews help you expand your network of contacts and resources as you build your career and job acumen.  Connect to the Trojan Network now!


    Research jobs and careers of interest.  The following sites provides information on thousands of jobs, careers, and outlook on current and emerging markets:

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook - An occupational handbook that chronicles careers from A-Z

    O*Net Online - A dictionary of over 20,000 occupational titles

    Wet Feet.Com - A database for career Profiles

    Fortune.Com - A search engine for company research

    Businessweek.Com - Research articles on targeted companies

    Money Magazine - An overview of top and emerging careers


  • USC Career Center

    The USC Career Center is central to the on-going preparation of Dornsife College students as they get set to enter the job market.  The mission of the Career Center is to provide exceptional career services to all members of the Trojan Family. For more information please visit: The USC Career Center

Career Possibilities for Liberal Arts Majors

The Value of an Internship

42%: Rate at which college graduates with internship experience are offered first-time job offers compared to 30% for graduates with no internship experience (NACE, 2010).

$41,600: Average salary for entry-level positions for college graduates with internship experience (NACE, 2010).

$34,600: Average salary for entry-level positions for college graduates with no internship experience (NACE, 2010).

$7,000: Difference in dollars for not having internship experience for first-year employment

What can you do with an extra $7,000 dollars?