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Capstone Classes in USC Dornsife

The following courses have been identified as capstone courses by the University Catalogue or by their departments.  Some classes are intended for particular cohorts of students, such as those in the honors program or following a particular curriculum; others are open to all students in the major or minor.


American Studies
      Honors Program
                ASE 492, Research Methods in American Studies and Ethnicity
                ASE 493, Honors Thesis in American Studies and Ethnicity


Art History
                AHIS 494, Undergraduate Proseminar in Art History


Biological Sciences
       (proposed, by track)
                BISC 403, Advanced Molecular Biology
                BISC 408, Systems Neuroscience: From Synapses to Perception
                BISC 427, The Global Environment
                BISC 435, Advanced Biochemistry
                BISC 478, Computational Genome Analysis
                BISC 481, Modeling of Bio-macromolecules and Biological Systems
                BISC 483, Geobiology and Astrobiology
                EXSC 439L, Human Performance and Bioenergetics


                CHEM 426, Advanced Organic Chemistry
                CHEM 430ab, Physical Chemistry
                CHEM 432, Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
                CHEM 453, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
                CHEM 455, Chemical Nanotechnology
                CHEM 490x, Directed Research
                CHEM 494x, Advanced Research Experience


                CLAS 495, Honors Research
                CLAS 410ab, Research in Classical Studies


Comparative Literature
      Honors Program
                COLT 385, Senior Honors Thesis


Earth Sciences
                GEOL 387a, Undergraduate Team Research
                GEOL 494x, Senior Thesis


 East Asian Languages and Cultures

                EALC 428, Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Culture


East Asian Studies
                EASC 360, Global East Asia (taught in Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo)


      Honors Program
                ECON 495, Senior Honors Thesis


      Honors Program
                ENGL 491, Senior Honors Seminar
                ENGL 496, Senior Honors Thesis

      Narrative Studies
                MDA 490, Directed Research
                MDA 494, Directed Creative Project


Environmental Studies
      ENST 495, Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies
      (students with a lot of field experience may use one of the two courses listed below as a capstone course)
                 ENST 480, Integrated Ecosystem Management in Micronesia
                 ENST 485, Role of the Environment in the Collapse of Human Societies 


French and Italian
      Honors Program
                FREN 490, Directed Research (Senior Thesis)      


Gender Studies

                SWMS 490, Directed Research
      Honors Program
                SWMS 492, Senior Honors Thesis


      Honors Program
                HIST 492, Senior Honors Thesis


Human and Evolutionary Biology
                EXSC 439L, Human Performance and Bioenergetics


Interdisciplinary Major (INDS)
                INDS 494, Senior Thesis

     Minor in Critical Approaches to Leadership
                AMST 365, Leadership in the Community
                MDA 365, The Art and Adventure of Leadership  
                MDA 475, The Future of California


International Relations
       Honors Program
                IR 494, Senior Honors Thesis


                PHIL 471, Metaphysics and Epistemology
                PHIL 472, Moral Philosophy


Political Science
                POSC 391, Honors I:  Undergraduate Seminar
                POSC 392, Honors II:  Undergraduate Thesis
                POSC 490, Directed Research


      Honors Program
                PSYC 380, Junior Honors Seminar
                PSYC 480, Senior Honors Seminar


  Honors Program
                REL 491, Undergraduate Honors Research


Slavic Languages and Literatures
                SLL 465, Seminar in Russian Studies


Spanish and Portuguese
                SPAN 495, Seminar for Majors and Minors

Thematic Option
     Minor in Humanities and Society
                CORE 301, Modes of Inquiry