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The Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences is an organized research unit based in the Department of Mathematics at USC. The purpose of CAMS is to foster research and graduate education in Mathematics in a broad sense and in an interdisciplinary mode. One goal of the center's participants is to facilitate and encourage the development of applicable mathematics and its utilization in problems in engineering and the sciences.

The mission of the Center is threefold:

  1. To maintain USC's position as an internationally-recognized center in several important and well defined areas of mathematics and its applications.
  2. To be a much-needed interface between the Department of Mathematics and other USC departments and institutions outside USC.
  3. To serve as a catalyst in the development of state-of-the-art activities in applicable mathematics at USC.

USC in the TOP TEN Schools for a Degree in Applied Mathematics

USA TODAY published a list of the top 10 schools for applied mathematics in the US. USC was number 7. The list comes from College Factual and is a ranking of colleges based on their overall quality.                   

Spring, 2016

Susan Friedlander's Work celebrated at ICERM, Jan 24-27, 2017.


A Workshop organised by Peter Constantin, Natasa Pavlovic and Vlad Vicol on current developments in fluid dynamics will be held at ICERM at Brown on the occasion of Susan Friedlander's birthday.

Fall 2016

Solomon Golomb, In Memoriam, 1932-2016


With much sadness we record the death of CAMS Board Member Solomon Golomb. A wonderful Colleague whose ground breaking work on cryptography and other branches of mathematics was recognized by numerous prizes and awards, including the National Medal of Science.

Spring 2016

Susan Friedlander Member of the MIT Visiting Committee

CAMS Director Susan Friedlander is appointed to the MIT Visiting Committee for the Mathematics Department.

Spring 2016

Solomon Golomb awarded the 2016 Franklin Medal

CAMS Board Member Solomon Golomb is awarded the 2016 Franklin Medal for his work in digital communications.

Spring 2016

Juhi Jang awarded 2015-16 Von Neumann Fellowship


CAMS member Juhi Jang is awarded a prestigous Von Neuman Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. She is a visiting member at IAS for the academic year 2015-2016.

Fall 2015

Shanghua Teng awarded 2015 Godel Prize



CAMS board member Shanghua Teng is awarded the 2015 Godel Prize for his work with Dan Spielman on nearly-linear-time Laplacian solvers. 

Summer 2015 Friday, May 29, 2015

Michael Waterman accepts 2015 Dan David Award




I will address the time dimension and begin with a question: Why was biology so late developing as a science? The ancients had their various explanations for why rocks are immobile while rabbits dash about. Aristotle, as he did with everything, devised...

Summer 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Career Panel

Panel Discussion:
Applying for Grants and Jobs: Information and Advice

Monday, August 29th
3:30 PM
KAP 414



Jill Mesirov, UCSD
Joint with Computational Biology

Monday, September 12th               
3:30 PM
KAP 414


Christian Zillinger, USC

Monday, September 19th
3:30 PM
KAP 414


Michele Coti-Zelati, University of Maryland

Monday, September 26th          
3:30 PM
KAP 414

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