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  • A tag will select a limited set of materials as a way to get started.  Use the tag in the SEARCH box on the upper right side of the Activities Database homepage.

  • As you open guide files and read through the tagged “core set” - there are teaching notes that point to related database materials. For example, the topic “political economy” is wide open.  The core set will give different analytical frames that each go in different directions with different cases. 

Topic Tag
globalization 4ir

four worlds of international relations - reveals connections and conflicts between political, economic, social, and cultural worlds
-- a basic tool for most cases and issues

climate change


Outreach materials developed through support from the Global Climate Project @SC (Full collection for teachers: gcp@sc)

political economy


multiple concept maps that each refer to cases

........ globalization of labor


........ development


........ trade

environment environ-set political culture & policy continuum --
equality & identity equal-id A-B-C continuum series -- views on difference where cases examine evolution toward equal rights
ethics - specific to TEP tep core Teaching Ethics Program - frames, cases, and simulations for volunteers doing TEP outreach
ethics & human rights ethics-hr four paradigms & three principles - outlines competing values and ethical dilemmas
nation building gvnc-basic functions of government - three functions provide criteria for failed states or good governance
causes of war loa-war levels of analysis - establishes a wide variety of variables and distinguishes them across three levels: human, national, systemic
security world-vw worldviews - distinguishes sets of assumptions and uses the DEPPP analysis to trace how each view determines different policy choices
foreign policy fopo-basic to be used with worldviews and levels of anaysis
  DEPPP US fopo a collection of speeches by US presidents that each has a DEPPP analysis guide
cold war & post cold war change-sec changing nature of security -
identity identity-sec identity & security - subcultures are distinguished to consider each person's multiple identities, the basis for common culture, unity & diversity, etc.