TIRP in Spanish

USC students who are fluent in Spanish make it possible for the Teaching International Relations Program to reach many new immigrant students at our neighborhood high schools.

TIRP in Spanish was founded by Wendy Arce in 2001 when she was a junior here at USC. Wendy initiated a special teacher partnership with Germain Labat at Fremont High School in South Central LA.


Mr. Labat was teaching World History in Spanish - a primary language class for those immigrant students who are not yet ready to take their subject matter courses in English.

Wendy recruited, trained, and supervised TIRP teams who could conduct their teaching sessions in Spanish. In 2002, Wendy expanded teams to Manual Arts High by developing a second partnership with Gloria Hernandez. TIRP materials were translated for students and new lessons were developed.

Our thanks to Wendy Arce, Class of 2003, for launching TIRP in Spanish. Through the initiative and dedication of new student leadership, and ongoing support of our partner teachers, this great program has continued.

With TIRP in Spanish, more students can have the same experiences with USC volunteers and engage in global issues using IR analytical tools. In turn, USC students are afforded a special opportunity to work with immigrant youth and experience LA's diversity.


Help extend our reach...

Local high school teachers with primary language classes in the social sciences
are very welcome to contact CALIS for more information