High School Leadership Conference

The annual slideshow: music, lyrics & photos -- the trifecta of fun memories!

2013 — Globalization, Governance and Human Security

Up and Up (Relient K, 2007). Yep, with a totally upbeat beat and wildly positive lyrics, this is definitely a fun one!  Enjoy!

2012 — American Renaissance in a New World: Who has the plan?

Let's Go! (Cartel, 2009). These photos - and a few special inserts - are a fun match to the lyrics.  More than usual, this slideshow tells a story... And yes, that's air guitar!

2011 — Failed States: How will the fate of the bottom billion ever change?

Right Here, Right Now (Jesus Jones, 1990) was a response to changing times during the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Over 20 years later, the Arab Spring intensified in the days leading up to the conference...

Thank you to all participants!

As promised, here is the annual slideshow of the students, teachers, mentors, and our tireless host Professor Steven Lamy, Vice Dean for Academic Programs for USC Dornsife.

We had another GREAT day.


Enjoy all the smiles!

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