High School Leadership Conference

HSLC is evolving

For Fall 2014, we are proud to announce
the launch of a new student program!

 Arsalyn Policy Seminar Series

sponsored by

The Arsalyn Program



At HSLC, high school students came prepared to negotiate responses
to challenging social issues during a full day of deliberation sessions
mentored by USC student volunteers

Past HSLC topics and materials

Glimpse what's possible...

We hope you enjoy this 5-minute video of the 2005 conference.  It provides a good sense of how to use HSLC materials for negotiatons and policy sessions.





Attention Teachers

Your school can run its own policy forum.

The materials are intended for classroom use. 

Policy seminars are a leaderhip opportunity both for high school and USC students to conduct deeper deliberations and reach a broader consensus.   Your school is the perfect place to conduct the same process.

HSLC Goals and Format

HSLC Topic History & Materials

HSLC Slideshow