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São Paulo, Brazil

Program Site: CIEE center and the Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP) campus. PUC-SP is ranked among the top universities in Brazil and has 19,000 undergraduates. The PUC-SP campus is located in a residential area not far from São Paulo's Avenida Paulista with good access to public transportation. The neighborhood around PUC has gyms, bookstores, and cafés.

Eligibility: Minimum 3.0 GPA and three semesters of college-level Portuguese or four semesters of college-level Spanish (through USC Spanish 240), or the equivalent. Portuguese is taught at USC, and students are strongly encouraged to take Portuguese before studying in Brazil.

Description: São Paulo is a multicultural megalopolis of more than 17 million people. It boasts a modern subway system, distinct ethnic neighborhoods, a plethora of visual and performing arts venues, and of course soccer and samba. The city is a business and transportation hub for Brazil and South America and is just a few hours away from some beautiful beaches.

Academics: All courses are taught in Portuguese. Prior to the start of the semester, all students enroll in the Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILCP) that takes place in São Paulo. The ILCP is an intensive four-week, four unit language course that prepares students for their regular semester courses.

Semester-long courses: All students take a CIEE Portuguese Language course and three to four direct enrollment courses at PUC-SP. CIEE São Paulo students will have the possibility of selecting courses in several departments as long as they meet the prerequisites. Subjects available include anthropology, art history, biological sciences, economics, geography, history, international relations, journalism, Latin American studies, literature, philosophy, political science, Portuguese language, psychology, sociology, religion, and urban planning. Find course offerings on CIEE's and PUC-SP's websites.

Students participating in this program are encouraged to consider a minor in Latin American Studies, offered through the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.

Course load and Credit: Students take 4 to 5 courses per semester and can earn a maximum of 20 USC units per semester or 36 USC units for the academic year.

Activities and Other Program Features: The program includes one weekend and one overnight field trip in Brazil and visits to sites of historical and cultural importance in São Paulo. In the past, students have visited the colonial city of Paraty; a community of Brazil’s social agrarian Landless Movement; Aparecida do Norte, the most famous center of devotion for the Brazilian Catholic population; and a Carnival Samba School. Students have also visited area museums and attended concerts, Brazilian movies, and soccer games.

Students may also participate in diverse volunteering opportunities in the areas of education, health, or community building through the Centro de Voluntariado de São Paulo, or take part in a variety of optional, non-credit internship through the PUC Central de Estagios (Center for Internships).

Accommodations: Brazilian homestay; two meals per day are provided.

Dates: Fall, Spring or year. Fall semester runs from beginning July to mid-December; Spring semester runs from early January to late June.

Estimated Semester Cost:
Additional Expenses*.........$11,086

Cost Updated: 5/28/15
Text Updated: 8/26/15

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for airfare, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student). USC financial aid, scholarships, and tuition remission may be applied to program costs. Please visit the Office of Overseas Studies for more detailed cost information.

Financial Aid note: If you plan to go abroad during the USC fall semester, please be aware that your financial aid will not be disbursed until 10 days before classes begin at your program and not before the end of July. Please plan accordingly.

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Cost Updated: 1/7/15
Text Updated: 1/7/15