Working Papers

1. Internal Migration and Unemployment after Unification

2. Inequality and Growth: Nonlinear Evidence from Heterogeneous Panel Data (with D. Cho and D. Rhee)

3. Do Developmental Mathematics Courses Develop the Mathematics?

4. Estimating Returns to Vocational Education at High Schools in Korea

Work in Progress

1. Executive Compenation Disclosure Policy and its Policy Implication

2. Bounding the Causal Effects in Regression Discontinuity Design (with G. Ridder)

3. Using a Regression Discontinuity Design to Estimate the Impact of Placement Decisions in Developmental Math in Los Angeles Community College District. (with T. Melguizo, J. Bos, and G. Prather)


Policy Research Report in Korean

1. An Analysis of Promoting Policies of Competitiveness of the U.S. Manufacturing and their Policy Implication (with M. Han et al), KIEP Policy Analyses 14-13, 2013

2. A Study on the Governance of the Global Commons (with J. Moon et al), KIEP Policy Analyses, KIEP Policy Analyses 13-10, 2013