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USC Dornsife Advisory Boards and Committees

Seeking input and counsel from advisory groups is an important component of USC Dornsife's plan to become one of the world's preeminent research colleges.

USC Dornsife currently has four advisory boards and committees.


Whether organized regionally or thematically, each board is actively involved in shaping the strategic direction of USC Dornsife, ensuring that our academic programs remain challenging and competitive, while the educational experience we provide continues to meet the needs of an evolving society

Advisory boards contribute valuable, ongoing advice about academic programs and other higher education matters. Advisory boards are encouraged to take ownership of programs and institutes and suggest ways to improve and refine current offerings. Their active feedback about USC Dornsife initiatives ensures that we will continue to deliver a first-rate education for all of our students.

Advisory boards also play a vital role in facilitating community engagement and involvement in USC Dornsife programs. The civic leadership they provide is critical to USC Dornsife's development of meaningful relationships with other businesses and community organizations.  Their leadership supports USC Dornsife's strategy of forging partnerships with external institutions.

As competition among higher education providers intensifies worldwide, the role of the advisory board becomes increasingly important to the future success of USC Dornsife.