Minor in Biotechnology

The LAS departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry and the Marshall School of Business Administration are jointly offering the cross-departmental minor in Biotechnology. This minor brings essential knowledge in the basic sciences together with the corporate skills needed in a rapidly growing industry. The minor is especially well suited for the Business, Biological Sciences, Chemistry or Engineering student seeking a career in business and/or the biomedical/bio-technical sciences.

Biological Science Courses

BISC 220L/221L General Biology: Cell Biology & Physiology

BISC 320L Molecular Biology

BISC 330L Biochemistry

BISC 406L Biotechnology

Recommend: BISC- 300L, BISC- 403, BISC- 450L


Chemistry Courses

CHEM 105aL/115aL General Chemistry

CHEM 105bL/115bL General Chemistry

CHEM 322aL Organic Chemistry

Recommend: CHEM-322bL, CHEM-489


Business Courses

ACCT 410x Accounting for Non-Business Majors

or BUAD Majors take BUAD 280 & 281: Accounting I & Accounting II (4-4)

BUAD 215x Foundations of Business Finance

or BUAD Majors take BUAD 306 Business Finance

FBE 403 Introduction to the Legal Environment of Business

 choose one from:

BUAD 304 Organizational Behavior

BUAD 307

 Marketing Management

Recommend: MATH-118x or 125 and 208x or 218

  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • University of Southern California
  • Allan Hancock Foundation Building
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0371