Courses of Interest

Intro to Physical Chemical Oceanography Earth Sciences/Ocean sciences GEOL/OS 512
Marine Paleoecology Earth Sciences GEOL 500
Paleobiology Earth Sciences GEOL 501
Marine Geology  Earth Sciences GEOL 514 
Paleo-oceanography  Earth Sciences GEOL 555 
Marine Geochemistry Earth Sciences GEOL 560
Isotope Geochemistry  Earth Sciences GEOL 564
Stable Isotope Geochemistry  Earth Sciences GEOL 567 
Micropaleontology  Earth Sciences GEOL 577 
GPS/GIS Field Techniques (Catalina Island Summer Source)  Earth Sciences GEOG 587 
Seminar in Sedimentary Geology  Earth Sciences GEOL 601
Oceans, Climate, and the Environment  Earth Sciences GEOL 412
Geophysics and Geoengineering Earth Sciences GEOL 440L
Geochemistry and Hydrogeology  Earth Sciences GEOL 460L
Environmental Hydrogeology  Earth Sciences GEOL 470
Geobiology and Astrobiology  Earth Sciences GEOL 483

Policy classes + outreach + communication

Coastal Policy Class Policy Planning and Development PPD 694
Writing about Science Journalism (JOUR) JOUR 433
COSIA (Communicating ocean sciences to informal audiences) Biology BISC 599
Nature of Science: Philosophy of Science for Science Educators Rossier School of Education EDUC 508


Multiple Regression Rossier School of Education EDPT 562
Statistics in Psychological Research Psychology PSYC 501
Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design  Psychology PSYC 502
Multivariate Statistical Techniques Rossier School of Education EDPT 564

Molecular and similar stuff

Molecular genetics and biochemistry Molecular and Computational Bio BISC 502a
Biochemistry Keck School -interdepartmental INTD 571
Infection and Host Response Keck School -interdepartmental INTD 522 

Environmental Engineering Classes

Introduction to Environmental Engineering  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 110
Fluid Mechanics Civil Environmental Engineering CE 309
Environmental Chemistry  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 443
Water Quality Control  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 453
Port Engineering Planning and Operations  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 589
Geohydrology Civil Environmental Engineering CE 516
Ocean and Coastal Engineering  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 520a
Introduction to Environmental Engineering Microbiology  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 210L
Water Resources Engineering  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 451
Water Chemistry and Analysis  Civil Environmental Engineering CE 463L
Chemical and Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering Civil Environmental Engineering CE 553
Chemistry and Biology of Natural Waters Civil Environmental Engineering CE 563
Environmental Chemistry  Environmental Engineering ENE 443
Water Chemistry and Analysis  Environmental Engineering ENE 463L 
Microbiology in Environmental Engineering  Environmental Engineering ENE 503 
Instrumental Analysis  Environmental Engineering ENE 513L 

Data analysis

Applied algebra for Electrical Engineers Electrical Engineering EE 241
Data Analysis in the Earth & Environmental Sciences to be offered in Geobiology GEOL425
Principles of Biostatistics Dept of Preventative Medicine 510L
Data Analysis Dept of Preventative Medicine 511abL
Experimental Designs Dept of Preventative Medicine 513
Introduction to the Theory of Biostatistics Dept of Preventative Medicine 522ab
Statistical Genetics Dept of Preventative Medicine 534

Business and other cool stuff

Business for non-buisness majors Graduate School of Business Administration GSBA 599
Deepwater Cruising (2 units) Nautical Science NAUT 301 a and b

Science Education

Issues, History & Rationale of Science Education  Rossier School of Education CTSE 507 
Advanced Science Teaching Methods  Rossier School of Education CTSE 509 

Other campuses - cool classes that people took before

Remote sensing    C240B.
Proteonomics class     
Applications of Optics for the Coastal Ocean   Geog 261
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  • University of Southern California
  • Allan Hancock Foundation Building
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0371