MCB Post Docs and Research Staff

Graduate Committee – Ian Ehrenreich, Director of Graduate Studies for Molecular Biology

Graduate Committee – Frank Alber, Director of Graduate Studies for Computational Biology

MB Qualifying Exam CommitteeMatthew Dean, Chair

CBB Screening Exam Committee – Liang Chen, Chair

MB Graduate Curriculum Committee – Susan Forsburg, Chair

Members: Oscar Aparicio, Don Arnold, Steve Finkel, and John Tower.
Course Coordinator 502A: Susan Forsburg (Oscar Aparicio, Fall 2011)
Course Coordinator 502B: Don Arnold
Course Coordinators 542 (MB): Xiaojiang Chen & John Tower

CBB Graduate Curriculum Committee (577a) – Fengzhu Sun, Chair

Members: Frank Alber, Liang Chen, Ting Chen, Remo Rohs, Andrew Smith, Fengzhu Sun, Jasmine Xianghong Zhou
Course Coordinator 542 (CBB): Fengzhu Sun

MB Seminar Committee – Matthew Dean

CBB Seminar Committee – Remo Rohs

Training Grant Committee - Matt Michael, Chair

Retreat Committee - Frank Alber, Norman Arnheim, and Steve Finkel

Website Committee – Susan Forsburg, Chair

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