Molecular Biology News

Breaking the Genetic Code
May 7, 2014

Researchers find that complex interactions among genetic variants have major ramifications — and may help explain the…

Lord of the Flies
July 3, 2013

USC Dornsife’s Sergey Nuzhdin, professor of molecular biology, uses fruit flies to examine whether behavior is genetic- or…

Trojan Families
June 25, 2013

At USC Dornsife and throughout the university, students take on the responsibility of raising a family while acing their studies.

Mutant Cells Dig in Their Heels
November 20, 2012

Combining genetic tools, drug treatment and state-of-the-art imaging, USC Dornsife’s Susan Forsburg and her researchers have…

Video Illuminates a Brain Cell
August 27, 2012

USC Dornsife’s Don Arnold was a lead researcher on a recent article in Cell Reports. Sarmad Al-Bassam, USC Dornsife Ph.D.…

Molecular and Computational Biology

The faculty and students in the Molecular and Computational Biology section share the common approaches of molecular biology, computational biology and genetics, yet they are extremely diverse in the way they apply these approaches to specific biological systems. Faculty research interests range from prokaryotic regulatory mechanisms to fruit fly aging to the interpretation of the human genome project and bioinformatics.

The variety of biological problems provides a wide range of choices for graduate student projects, while overlapping research interests encourage interactions among students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in the different laboratories.

Molecular and Computation Biology Section Head: Myron Goodman

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