Minor in Kinesiology

For students who would like to obtain basic knowledge of kinesiology but are majoring in another area, a minor is offered. The minor may be ideal for someone pursuing a career in health and corporate fitness management. A minor in a health-related science might also be desirable for those in engineering or the physical sciences. Students pursuing a teaching or coaching career at the secondary school level may also benefit from knowledge in this area. A total of 28 units is required for the minor in kinesiology.

Lower Division Requirement (12 units)

EXSC-202L* Principles of Nutrition and Exercise
EXSC-203L* Individualized Exercise Prescription
MATH-108 Precalculus
PHYS 135aL Physics for the Life Sciences

Upper Division Requirement (16 units)

EXSC-300L* Physiology of Exercise
EXSC-301L* Human Anatomy
EXSC-405L* Applied Systems Physiology
EXSC-408L* Introduction to Biomechanics

*Current syllabi for all Kinesiology (EXSC) courses can be found in the USC Schedule of Classes.

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