Student Advisement

It is mandatory for Human Biology and Human Performance majors to meet with Laura Ames, Student Services Advisor, each semester. Students must receive advisement before they can register for classes. In addition to mandatory advisement, the academic advisor will give D-clearances for upper division coursework and prerequisite waivers, if approved.

Fill out the D-clearance form located here.

Entering freshmen or transfer students intending to pursue a degree in Human Biology and Human Performance should meet with Laura Ames during the Summer Orientation Program prior to their first semester at USC. Early advisement is critical when planning a pre-health course of study. To schedule an appointment, please email: or call (213) 740-2480.

See the Student Advisement FAQ for answers to common questions.

Pre-Health Academic Support

Since a large percentage of Human Biology and Human Performance majors have a pre-health focus (i.e. medical, physical therapy, dental, pharmacy, etc.), we encourage our students to visit the Office of College Advising Pre-Health Professions Program for additional services in the academic process. Regularly scheduled workshops are held throughout the academic year with guest speakers on a variety of different topics including academic curricula, extracurricular preparation, volunteer experiences, research involvement, and the application process. The Office of College Advising is open 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday in CAS-120. Call (213) 740-2534 or visit their website.

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