Biological Sciences at USC Dornsife

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training programs. Home to a vibrant community of life scientists, the department’s research spans the scales of biological organization, from molecules and cells to organisms, populations, species, and communities. An emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research gives faculty and students opportunities to investigate a diverse array of living systems using a wide variety of research approaches and tools — from X-ray crystallography, molecular assays, and computational genomic analyses to advanced microscopy, electrophysiology, and field research in Antarctica, Africa, and the Pacific Ocean.


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2020 Research: Climate Change in Southern California

Video by Mira Zimet

60-Second Seminars: Zhong-Lin Lu

Video by Mira Zimet & Zane Fried

60-Second Seminars: Moh El-Naggar

Video by Mira Zimet

60-Second Seminars: Myron Goodman

Video by Mira Zimet

60-Second Seminars: Susan Forsburg

Video by Mira Zimet

Behavioral and Cognitive Research

Video by Mira Zimet

Emily Liman: Sparkling Study

USC Dornsife Professor of Biological Sciences Emily Liman explores how the brain translates the sensations of carbonation and sour tastes.

Video by Mira Zimet

Human Biology at USC Dornsife

Learn more about Human and Evolutionary Biology at USC Dornsife.

Video by Mira Zimet

Jill McNitt-Gray

This video explores how science allows athletes to train smarter.

Video by Mira Zimet

Kwasi Connor: Sampling Mussels off Catalina Island

Kwasi Connor, a fifth year graduate student in the Marine Environmental Biology department at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences discusses his research on…

Video by Mira Zimet
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