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BISC 221

Spring 2012 Course Faculty

Professor David McKemy

Dr. McKemy's faculty profile

Awarded the 2010 USC Raubenheimer Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for showing unusual promise in the areas of research, teaching, and service to the University.

Dr. Tansu Celikel

Dr. Celikel's faculty profile


Course Overview

BISC 221 is the advance introductory course that will focus on Cell Biology and Physiology.  In-depth survey of key topics related to advances in our knowledge of cellular biology and
physiology; cell composition/metabolism; gene action; organism structure and function.

Required Textbooks for 2010-2011 Academic Year

Campbell & Reece (2008). Biology. 9th ed.

General Biology Laboratory Manual SPRING 2010 BISC 120 & BISC 121, USC.

Van de Graaff & Crawley (2009).  A Photographic Atlas for the  Biology Laboratory, 6th ed., but revised 5th ed. is fine too.