September 17, 2014

A 6:30 p.m. concert featuring Sophisticated Lady jazz quartet, to celebrate the first album recorded at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute’s Cammilleri Hall.  The album, also called “Sophisticated Lady”, is produced by Yarlung Records and will be released in September, 2014.

The members of the quartet are Misha Adair, JJ Kirkpatrick, Andrew Boyle and Gary Wicks.



"Yarlung Records did it again.  THis time it's their first jazz entry that has golden warmth of a Blue Note from its heyday as well as visceral instruments presence of a Contemporary Record.  Recorded in Cammilleri concert hall using only a vintage tube stereo microphone, the sound of the CD is creamy like butter while the texture is so rich that you can easily discern which parts of the drum set the player hits and rubs.  The big crescendo on 'For Andrew' is mind blowing!" -- Mori Shima, Stereo Sound, Japan


"I like Sophisticated Lady.  A unique voice.  Great improvising.  One can hear everything on this recording, all the nuances and textures.  I can really listen to this music because the have their own classic style.  So much jazz is all the same today.  Sophisticated Lady is refreshing." -- Billy Mitchell


"The group Sophisicated Lady has its eyes set on tomorrow's horizon — while their feet are planted in the terra firm of today — with the consummate skills and musical knowledge that have always been part of the jazz lore.  They know their stuff and they can play!  Sohpisticated Lady gives me joy, hope and I recommend them to you." -- Peter Erskine


"More jazz records should be like Sophisticated Lady Quartet — relaxed yet focused, tradition-based yet modern, elegant yet conveying a sure sense of swing.  The recording is so pure that you almos feel as if you're eavesdropping on four musicians who seem completely in their element while performing, in a one-take environment, a set that's evenly split between previously rehearsed arrangements and performances where they had one chance to turn a composition into a memorable piece of musci.  No splicing or editing here — just a live-in-the-studio recording where the mood, playing and sonics are so solid that jazz lovers will wish that the mostly-classical label Yarlung wandered over to this side of the street more often." -- Jeff Wilson

"One of those very cool involving jazz performances that bring you into the music from the very first note.  The only thing this recording is missing are the expensive tickets and the stickly floor.  It has become a reference of mine for space, front to back and left to right, and natural timbres." -- Robert Levi, Editor at Large, Positive Feedback


"Look out Brubeck, Sophistaicated Lady's remarkable debut should perhaps be re-titled TAKE ONE.  Why?  Each tume was captured in one take!  The 60+ minute CD aslo celebrates Yarlung's audiophile venture into JAZZ with a splatter of Chet Baker's seductive, kicked-bakc Californication daubed with a drizzle of Miles at his mellowest.  No matter how busy your day, an evening spin through this one will definitely move your mood."  --David Thomson,


"The Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet's debut recording should be of great interest to fans of forward-looking straight ahead jazz.  Each of the four musicians is excellent both as soloists and in ensembles, the music that they perform ranges from melodic versions of standards to lyrical originals and freer explorations, and their subtle playing keeps one guessing.  This CD is well worht exploring and I certainly recommend it."  --Scott Yanow, author of 11 books including Jazz On Record 1917-1967 and Jazz On Film.


"Sophisticated Lady performed this year for The Young Artist Jazz Series at Catalina Bar and Grill, and brought the crowd to their feet.  I was so impressed with the group's innovation and talent in both their playing and writing.  They bring a modern and creative energy to their original songs as well as standards, while maintaining the integrity of what is at the heart of jazz music.  I have no doubt that they will have enormous success."  --Barbara Brighton, Producer, Young Artist Jazz Series



Octeober 27, 2014

A 6:30 p.m. concert  featuring the Bruce Adolphe-composed Musics of Memory.

Musics of Memory is based on writings about how memory works in the brain by Antonio Damasio. The piece is scored for four polyphonic instruments capable of playing harmony and rich textures — piano, guitar, marimba, and harp— so that they may fully present different versions of the same music.

In Lived Experience,the piano lays out all the ideas —motifs, harmonies, gestures, rhythms— of the entire work.  In Mapping,the guitar, marimba, and harp perform solos that map altered versions of the music originally stated by the piano. The third movement, Reassessed, Rearranged,consists of all the instruments exploring various emotional contexts for the same ideas, individually and together, coming to a section of heightened emotion and drama. In the final movement, Recollection, the piano plays what seems like the opening solo (Lived Experience), but nothing is quite the same; additionally the other instruments amplify aspects of these ideas, with resonance from the previous movements.

The work is dedicated to the memory of Nicholas Maw, a great British composer and dear friend, who at the end suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.




Coming in November.  Date forthcoming.

French Recital, with Etienne Gara and Sonia Achkar



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