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Australian National Internship Program

Program Site: The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra offers the Australian National Internship Program (ANIP).

Eligibility: Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Students must have at least junior standing by the start of the program.

Description: Canberra, as the capital of Australia, is a great setting for students interested in politics, public policy, and international relations.  Canberra and the ANU campus have a wealth of resources and there are many outdoor recreation areas nearby.

The Australian National University is internationally recognized both in research and teaching.  ANU has about 16,000 students, a quarter of whom are international students.  The Australian National Internship Program, administered by the Australian National University, is available to students who wish to combine academics and practical experience in a public sector internship.

Academics: The Australian National Internship Program (ANIP) is a hands-on opportunity for students to go into a workplace and undertake a research project for academic credit while directly enrolling in courses at ANU. Students take 3 4-unit ANU classes and do the 4-unit internship.

Through ANIP, Australian and overseas university students from any discipline can be placed with the Australian or the Territory Parliaments, with the Australian or Territory Public Services, or with non-governmental organizations. The ANIP Internship A combines coursework on current issues and the policy-making process in Australia with an 11-week part-time internship placement and a major research project. Students intern for one full day per week, participate in a weekly three-hour workshop, and enroll in three ANU courses in any discipline.

Samples placements & research projects:

-    International environmental and trade issues for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
-    Insolvency and bankruptcy law for the Treasury
-    Environmental impacts of genetically modified crops for the Department of the Environment
-    Defence and strategic policy for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute
-    The impact of arts funding for Arts ACT

Course Load and Credit: Students earn 4 units for Internship A and enroll in three 4-unit ANU courses for a total of 16 units. For information on internships. View course listings and descriptions in ANU's online course catalogue.

Activities and Other Program Features: ANU has a wide range of student clubs and societies that USC students are encouraged to join. ANU’s residential colleges are active communities with intramural sports and a variety of social activities.

Accommodation: Students are guaranteed on-campus housing in a residential college where they will have opportunities to interact with Australian students.  Some residence halls have meal plans, while others are “self-catered” with kitchens available.

Dates: Fall, Spring or Year. Fall semester (ANU’s Semester 2) runs from mid-July to late November. Spring semester (ANU’s Semester 1) runs from mid-February to late June.

Estimated Semester Cost:
Additional Expenses*................................$14,653

Cost Updated: 5/28/15
Text Updated: 8/26/15

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for airfare, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student). USC financial aid, scholarships, and tuition remission may be applied to program costs. Please visit the Office of Overseas Studies for more detailed cost information.

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