2015 8th Annual Ninfa Sanchez Memorial Student Prizes


Although she never attend a university, Ninfa Sanchez fought hard throughout her life for the education of her children and for access to higher education for children of all backgrounds.  Like many parents in immigrant families and families of color, Mrs. Sanchez exemplified the commitments to academic excellence, racial/ethnic equity, and social justice embodied in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity.  Having insured that all three of her children receive undergraduate degrees, this Memorial Fund has been established to support students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in American Studies and Ethnicity that also embody these commitments she held so dear.  The following awards are from this Memorial Fund set up by her family and friends to commemorate her life of dedication and those of other families who have had similar struggles for educational access and equity.

Ninfa Sanchez Memorial Undergraduate Prize ($500)
Ninfa Sanchez Memorial Graduate Prize ($500)

For the best paper written in a class in the past year by a student in each category in the department of American Studies & Ethnicity at USC. To be eligible, an undergraduate must be enrolled as a major or minor in the Department of American Studies & Ethnicity, and a graduate student must be enrolled in the Ph.D. program in American Studies & Ethnicity.

Nominations for these prizes will only be accepted by core or affiliate faculty members in American Studies & Ethnicity.  Please only submit one nomination in each category per faculty member.  A copy of the paper (electronic preferred) must be submitted by May 2nd to aseinfo@usc.edu.

Final decisions for the prizes will be made by the respective graduate and undergraduate committees of ASE, and will be announced at the End-of-the-Year ASE Party.


2015 Eighth Annual Ninfa Sanchez Awards

Breanna Betts(Undergraduate) -- "Remembering & Forgetting Psychiatric Survivors:  Restoration & Restitution in Asylum Cemeteries"

Rosanne Sia(Graduate) -- "The Harmonies of Ranchera Song and the Dissonance of Race: The Many Faces of Janet Cortez"


Past Awardees

2008 First Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Adriana Resendez (Undergraduate) -- “’Here we are all the same?’: Pre and Post-migration Intra-Ethnic Relations Among Guatemalan Women,”

Divinity Barkley (Undergraduate) -- “Kaya Hip-Hop in Coastal Kenya: The Urban Poetry of Ukoo Flani.”

Terrion Williamson(Graduate) -- “Blackness, Death and the Pleasure Principle: Of “Nappy-Headed Hos” and the Serial Murder of African American Women.”


2009 Second Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Lauren DeLilly (Undergraduate)-- "Illustrating Race: African American and Chicano Art Shaping Interethnic Diversity"

Max Felker-Kantor (Graduate)-- " 'A Pledge is not Self-enforcing': Struggles for Equal Employment Opportunity in Los Angeles 1964-1981"  


2010 Third Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Nicole Perez (Undergraduate) - "Disney's Princess and the Frog: A Spin Off of a Classic Tale and a new Direction for Disney"

Jessica Quizar (Graduate)-- "Transnational Campesinos: Food Sovereignty in South Central Los Angeles"


2011 Fourth Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Micah Scheidlin (Undergraduate)-- "Latino Interests and Congressional Redistricting in Los Angeles County"


2013 Sixth Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Charnan Williams (Undergraduate) -- "Lost in the City of Angels: A Comparative Analysis of Central Avenue and Leimert Park as Black Cultural Spaces"

Umayyah Cable (Graduate) -- " 'I've been here all my life:' Diasporic Identity Politics in the Transnational Landscapes of Palestinian Cinema"


2014 Seventh Annual Ninfa Sánchez Awards

Carrie Moore (Undergraduate) - "Somewhere We Call Home"

Joshua A. Mitchell (Graduate) - "The Scandal in 'We the People': Touching the U.S. Constitution"

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