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Arts and Letters Activation Form

Arts and Letters Research Fund
Activation Agreement

I understand that the College has made available research accounts of $300 to help accommodate the unusual demands upon faculty time made by the responsibilities of teaching sections of Arts and Letters 100g, which include grading 15 to 20 pages of out-of-class written work per student distributed over at least three assignments, with opportunities for revision; and at least one conference during the semester with each student to discuss the student's work.  The fund may be used for any normal academic expenses, such as books, travel to scholarly meetings, or for research purposes, computer equipment, hourly wages paid to student workers, etc.  Please open an Arts and Letters Research Fund account in my name. I am enclosing a copy of my current syllabus.

Title of Arts and Letters Section

_____________________ ________________________ 
Name                                       Phone


_____________________ __________  ____________ 
Department                             Semester      Year


_____________________ ________________________ 
Email                                        Date

To establish a research account, please return this form with your current syllabus to the General Education Office in CAS 200, mc 0153.   Thank you.