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Arts and Letters Registration Information

Instructions for Adding Arts and Letters (ARLT) 100g
During the First Three Weeks of the Spring 2015 Semester

  1.   Check the online Schedule of Classes ( to make sure that the class enrollment is under 30 for an ARLT 100g.
  2.   If ARLT 100g has 30 students enrolled, we can’t add any more students to the class.
  3.   If the class has fewer than 30 students enrolled, download an Add/Drop form from the USC Registration Department.
  4.   Get the professor’s signature on the form indicating his/her permission for you to register.
  5.   Immediately after receiving the instructor’s signature, take the form to the General Education office, CAS 200 (the white, two-story building across from Taper Hall).
  6.   If your request is approved by our office and the course instructor, you will be given departmental clearance.

Note: The submission of an endorsed Add/Drop form to the General Education office does not guarantee admission into the class. Permission to add an ARLT class is much easier to grant during the first or second week of the semester than it is during the third. Our office will try to contact students within 24 hours after receiving the add/drop form. ARLT 100 is only available to freshman and sophomores. Juniors and seniors must take ARLT 101.

Closed ARLT Sections

The following classes have reached the maximum capacity and are now closed.  The G.E. office is no longer accepting requests to add the following classes.

  • ARLT 100g, Crime Stories: Eastern European Fiction from Crime to Punishment
    Section 35224; TTh, 11-12:20; Professor Krakus

  • ARLT 100g, Happiness and the Human Condition
    Section 35252; MW, 3:30-4:50; Professor Lape

  • ARLT 100g, Lenses on Society
    Section 35206; TTh, 9:30-10:50; Professor Phillips

  • ARLT 100g, Poetry, Evidence and Methods of Reading
    Section 35218; TTh, 11-12:20; Professor Dane

  • ARLT 101g, Crime Stories: Eastern European Fiction from Crime to Punishment
    Section 35420; TTh, 12:30-1:50; Professor Krakus

  If you have questions, you may contact us at (213) 740-2961 or