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Arts and Letters Registration Information

Registration Instructions for Students who need to fulfill the G.E. Catergory V, Arts and Letters Requirement

Continuing students or transfers who need to fulfill the 2014 General Education requirement in Category V, Arts and Letters, during Spring 2016 can do so by taking one of the courses below. 

  AMST 150gw The American War in Viet Nam
  CLAS 160gp Ancient Lives
  ENGL 230g Shakespeare and His Times
  ENGL 299g Introduction to the Genre of Poetry
  PHIL 260g Ethical Theory and Practice
  SWMS 301gm Feminist Theory: an Introduction

Seats will be added to the courses listed above on the following dates.

  • Monday, November 2nd
  • Tuesday, November 3rd
  • Wednesday, November 4th
  • Thursday, November 5th
  • Friday, November 6th
  • Monday, November 9th
  • Tuesday, November 10th
  • Wednesday, November 11th
  • Thursday, November 12th
  • Monday, November 16th
  • Tuesday, November 17th

Detailed registration information about these courses is available on the USC Schedule of Classes and Web Registration system.  Course descriptions can be found at