Minor Requirements

The USC Archaeology Minor consists of 5 classes. A student undertaking the minor will take 1 Lower Divison Course, 1 Theory and Methods Course, and 3 Upper Division Courses.


1 Lower Division Course

1. AHIS 120g Foundations of Western Art

2. AHIS 125g Arts of Asia: Antiquity to 1300

3. AHIS 126g Introduction to Asian Art: 1300 to present

4. AHIS 127g Arts and Civilizations of Ancinet Middle and South America

5. AHIS 128 Arts of Latin America

6. AHIS 201g Diging Into the Past: Material Culture and the Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean

7. ANTH 200Lg The Origins of Humanity

8. ANTH 202 Introduction to Archaeology

9. CHEM 105bL Chemistry

10. CLAS 150g The Greeks and the West

11. CLAS 151g Civilization of Rome

12. CLAS 212L Archaeology: Interpreting the Past

13. ENST 100 Introdution to Environmental Studies

14. ENST 150gx Environmental Issues in Society

15. GEOG 265 The Water Planet

16. HIST 101g The Ancient World

17. LING 295g The Ancient Near East: Culture, Archaeology, Texts

18. MASC 110L Materials Science

19. REL 111g World of the Hebrew Bible

20. REL 112g Religions of Ancient Egypt and the Near East

21. REL 121g The World of the New Testament

22. REL 135g Religions of China


1 Archaeological Theories and Methods Course

1. AHIS 325 Roman Archaeological Excavation: Methods and Practice

2. AHIS/CLAS 415 Objectworlds: Histories and Theories of Things

3. AHIS 425 Interdisciplinary Studies in Classical Art and Archaeology: Research and Methodology

4. AHIS 427 Archaeological Theories, Methods and Practice

5. REL 494 Lab Methods and Theories in Archaeology

6. REL 495 Field Methods and Theories in Archaeology


Students may elect to take one of the following options:

A- one additional upper division course from the Theories and Methods list AND two upper division courses from the Interdisciplinary Perspectives list (see list below)


B- one upper divisoin course from the Interdisciplinary Perspectives list (see list below) AND two upper division courses from the Interdisciplinary Applications list (see list below)


Interdisciplinary Perspectives Courses:

1. AHIS 321/CLAS 321 Greek Art and Archaeology

2. AHIS 322/CLAS 322 Roman Art and Archaeology

3. AHIS/EALC 381 Visual Culture of Asia

4. AHIS 384 Early Chinese Art

5. AHIS 420 Studies in Ancient Art

6. ANTH 310 Archaeology of the Americas

7. ANTH 311 Old World Archaeology

8. ANTH 300 Evolution, Ecology, and Culture

9. ANTH 308 Evolution of Human Behavior

10. ANTH 329 Archaeology and Global Cultural Heritage

11. ANTH 337 Archaeology of Warfare

12. ANTH 304 World Prehistory

13. ANTH 314 The Nature of Maya Civilization

14. CLAS/MDES 349g: Ancient Empires

15. CLAS 338 Warfare, State and Society in the Ancient World

16. CLAS 323 Aegean Archaeology

17. CLAS 324/AHIS 324 Late Antique Art and Archaeology

18. CLAS 328 Archaeology of Religion in the Greco Roman World

19. CLAS 443 From Alexander to Cleopatra: State and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt (323-30 BC)

20. CLAS 465 Archaeology and Society

21. JS 378 Jewish Magic in the Ancient World

22. REL 302/MDES 302/HIST 301 Religions of Ancient Egypt and the Near East

23. REL 394/MDES 394/HIST 304 Archaeology of the Near East and Egypt

24. REL 402/HIST 402/MDES 402/IR 405 Cultural Heritage, Religion and Plitics in the Middle East

25. REL 475 Religion, Material Culture and the Senses

26. REL 493 Art and Archaeology of Religion


Interdisciplinary Applications Courses

1. ANTH 376 Scientific Methods in Archaeology

2. ANTH 481L GIS for Archaeologists

3. CHEM 300L Analytical Chemistry

4. ENST 320a Water and Soil Sustainability

5. ENST 320b Energy and Air Sustainability

6. GEOL 305Lx Intro to Engineering Geology

7. GEOL 412 Oceans and Climate

8. GEOL 320L Surficial Processes and Stratigraphic Systems

9. SSCI 301L Maps and Spatial Reasoning

10. SSCI 382 Principles of GIS

11. SSCI 483 Spatial Science Practicum


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