Degree Requirements 2015/2016

The B.A. in Archaeology (the Archaeology Major) requires ten courses (2 lower and 8 upper division) totaling forty units. The Interdisciplinary Archaeology major draws courses from 5 departments including Anthropology, Art History, Classics, Linguistics, and Religion.

Lower Division (12 units)

One required course (4 units):

ANTH 202g Archaeology: Our Human Past  is a required course for all IACH majors and minors (4 units)  


One course from the following list (4 units):

AHIS 201g Digging into the Past Units: 4
ANTH 140g Mesoamerican Cosmovision and Culture Units: 4
CLAS 212L Archaeology: Interpreting the Past Units: 4
HBIO 200Lg The Human Animal Units: 4
LING 295g The Ancient Near East: Culture, Archaeology, Texts Units: 4


One course from the following area specializations (4 units):

AHIS 120gp Foundations of Western Art Units: 4
AHIS 125gp Arts of Asia I: Antiquity to 1300 Units: 4
AHIS 126g Arts of Asia II: 1300 to the Present Units: 4
AHIS 127g Arts of the Ancient Americas Units: 4
AHIS 128g Arts of Latin America Units: 4
CHEM 105bL General Chemistry Units: 4 *
CLAS 150g Greeks and Legacies Units: 4
CLAS 151gp Civilization of Rome Units: 4
CLAS 280gp Classical Mythology Units: 4
ENST 100g Introduction to Environmental Studies Units: 4
HIST 101g State and Society in the Ancient World Units: 4
MASC 110L Materials Science Units: 4
REL 111g The World of the Hebrew Bible Units: 4
REL 112g Religions of Ancient Egypt and the Near East Units: 4
REL 114g The Mediterranean: A Religious History Units: 4
REL 115g Jerusalem, City of Three Faiths Units: 4
REL 121g The World of the New Testament Units: 4
REL 132g Origins of Western Religions Units: 4
REL 135gx Chinese Religions and Culture Units: 4
REL 137g Introduction to Islam Units: 4
SSCI 265Lg The Water Planet Units: 4


Upper Division Requirements (28 Units)

Two courses from this list: (8 units):

Theory and Methods

AHIS 325 Roman Archaeological Excavation: Methods and Practice Units: 4
AHIS 415 Object-Worlds: Histories and Theories of Things Units: 4
AHIS 425 Interdisciplinary Studies in Classical Art and Archaeology: Research and Methodology Units: 4
AHIS 427 Archaeological Theories, Methods, and Practice Units: 4
ANTH 400 Maya Resilience: Constructing Past and Present Identities Units: 4
ANTH 440 History of Anthropological Theory Units: 4
ANTH 450 Field Research in Maya Archaeology Units: 4
ANTH 481L GIS for Archaeologists Units: 4 *
REL 494 Lab Methods and Theories in Archaeology Units: 4
REL 303 Exploring Ancient Ways of Living: Experimental Archaeology Units: 4
REL 495 Field Methods and Theories in Archaeology Units: 4


Five courses from the following three lists (20 units):


AHIS 321 Greek Art and Archaeology Units: 4
AHIS 322 Roman Art and Archaeology Units: 4
AHIS 330 Medieval Art Units: 4
AHIS 381g Visual Culture of Asia Units: 4
AHIS 384 Early Chinese Art Units: 4
ANTH 310 Archaeology of the Americas Units: 4
ANTH 311 Old World Archaeology Units: 4
ANTH 314g The Nature of Maya Civilization Units: 4
CLAS 323 Aegean Archaeology Units: 4
CLAS 324 Late Antique Art and Archaeology Units: 4
CLAS 328 Archaeology of Religion in the Greco- Roman World Units: 4
REL 302 Religions of Ancient Egypt and the Near East Units: 4
REL 325 Religious Experience in the Greco-Roman World Units: 4
REL 326gp Historical Jesus Units: 4
REL 394 Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East Units: 4




  • CLAS 465 Archaeology and Society

Total Archaeology Major unit requirement is 10 courses (40 units) 

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