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Interested in applying to Freshman Science Honors?

Students can apply to Freshman Science Honors after they have been admitted to the University.  Please note: Only incoming freshmen students with a declared natural science major in USC College will be considered for admission to this program. The class of 2015 had an SAT average over 2200 and their high school GPA average was over 4.0.  These numbers refect the average from the class of 2015 and not the minimums for the class of 2015.  But SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA are heavily considered in the admissions process.  Most of the FSH students have taken AP Calculus (AB and/or BC) and AP Chemistry and/or AP Biology with a score of 4 or 5 on the assocaited exam.

The 2016 deadline is April 11 by midnight.  Admission decisions will be emailed on or before Friday, April 22.  All applications received after this deadline will be considered on a space available basis after May 1.

  • The Priority Deadline for FSH has passed. If you would like to still apply for a possible spot on the wait list:

    Please send an email to with the following information: first and last name, USC student ID number, declared major and email address.  You will be notified should a postion opens up that we can offer to you.  This most often occurs in late June or July.