Doctoral Degrees | Masters Degrees

Ph.D. Anthropology

Gaelyn Aguilar, Ph.D. December 2005
Dissertation Title: Image(a)nation: Dance and the Parapolitics of Being in the Republic of Macedonia
Current Position: Faculty Advisor, MA in Individualized Studies Program, Goddard College

Christian Anderson, Ph.D. May 2007
Dissertation Title: Betel Nut Chewing Culture: The Social and Symbolic Life of an Indigenous Commodity in Taiwan and Hainan
Current Position: Researcher, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Erica Angert, Ph.D. May 2007
Dissertation Title: Hybrid Networks and Urban Spaces in Post-Socialist Cuba
Current Position: Project Coordinator, Brown University

Armida Ayala, Ph.D. December 1999
Dissertation Title: Mexican Immigrant Women, Sex Work, and Health

Bartelt Brian, Ph.D. August 2007
Dissertation Title: Healers and Witches in Oku: An Occult System of Knowledge in Northwest Cameroon
Current Position: Associate Professor, Anthropology, Los Angeles City College

Upjeet Chandan, Ph.D. December 2004
Dissertation Title: A Place-in-Between: Narratives of Gender, Violence and Identity in a South African Township
Current Position: Researcher, Human Sciences Research Institute

Jennifer Cool, Ph.D. December 2008
Dissertation Title: Communities of Innovation: Cyborganic and the Birth of Networked Social Media
Current Position: Lecturer, U.S.C. (Anthropology), U.C. Irvine (Studio Art)

Claudia Cuevas, Ph.D. May 2008
Dissertation Title: Organizational Development and Coalition Building Among Domestic Violence Agencies in California : Conflict and Compromise Between Grassroots Groups and Established Institutions
Current Position: Lecturer, Pasadena City College

Manuel Fernandez, Ph.D. August, 1999
Dissertation Title: An ethnography of the macho/loca relationship

Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Ph.D. August, 2006
Dissertation Title:Negotiating Modernity: Power, Gender, & Education in North India
Current Position: Director of Education, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado

Scott Frank, Ph.D.
Dissertation Title:Lab Coats in the Dream Factory: Science and Scientists in Hollywood
Current Position: Autry Museum of Western Heritage

Arianne Gaetano, Ph.D.
Dissertation Title: Off the Farm : Rural Chinese Women's Experiences of Labor Mobility and Modernity in Post-Mao China (1984-2002)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Auburn University

Patricia Gilson, Ph.D. May 2009
Dissertation Title: Rituals of a Nation's Identity: Archaeology and Genealogy in Antiquities Museums of Rome

Gerald (Jay) Hasbrouck Jr., Ph.D. May 2006
Dissertation Title: Primitive Dissidents : Earth Liberation and the Making of a Radical Anthropology
Current Position: Research Consultant

Joseph Hawkins, Ph.D. May 1999
Dissertation Title:Invisible People : An Ethnography of Same-sexuality in Contemporary Japan
Current Position:Lecturer, Anthropology, U.S.C.

Raquel Hernandez-Aguilar, Ph.D. December 2006
Dissertation Title: Ecology and Nesting Patterns of Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in Issa, Ugalla, Western Tanzania
Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow, Leverthume Centre of Human Evolutionary Studies (LCHES)

Pensri Ho, Ph.D. December 2003
Dissertation Title: (E)racing the Model Minority: Racial Ideology Among Young Urbanized Asian American Professionals
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies Department, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Ilda Jimenez y West, Ph.D. December 2007
Dissertation Title: Good Hosts as Ideal Citizens: Crafting Identity on Isla de Mujeres, Mexico
Current Position: Student Programs Manager, Rossier School of Education, U.S.C.

Young Kim, Ph.D. May 1996
Dissertation Title: The Commodification of a Ritual Process : An Ethnography of the Wedding Industry in Las Vegas

Teresa Kuan, Ph.D. December 2008
Dissertation Title: Adjusting the Bonds of Love: Parenting, Expertise and Social Change in a Chinese City
Current Position: Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Whittier College

Rebecca Lachter, Ph.D. December 1996
Dissertation Title: Distant Cousins : the Relationship Between Jews from the Former-Soviet Union and American Jewish Voluntary Associations in Los Angeles

Wilton Martinez, Ph.D. December 1998
Dissertation Title: Imaging Alterity: Discourse, Pedagogy, and the Reception of Ethnographic Film
Current Position: Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Maryland University College

Sadie Moore, Ph.D. May 2008
Dissertation Title: It's Not Just Nice, It's Necessary: Authentic Leadership in the New Economy
Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, U.S.C.

Martin Muller, Ph.D. May 2002
Dissertation Title: Endocrine Aspects of Aggression and Dominance in Chimpanzees of the Kibale Forest
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico

Courtney Everts Mykytyn, Ph.D. May 2007
Dissertation Title: Executing Aging: An Ethnography of Process and Event in Anti-Aging Medicine

Michelle Oram, Ph.D. December 2003
Dissertation Title: The Culture of Beauty: Agency and Socialization within the Sorority System
Current Position: Researcher, University of California, Berkeley

Lene Pedersen, Ph.D. August 2002
Dissertation Title: The Sphere of the Keris : Power and People in a Balinese Princedom
Current Position: Associate Professor, Central Washington University

Sean Roberts, Ph.D. August 2003
Dissertation Title: Uyghur Neighborhoods and Nationalisms in the former Sino-Soviet Borderland : An Historical Ethnography of a Stateless Nation on the Margins of Modernity
Current Position: Associate Professor and Director, International Development Studies Program, George Washington University

Carolyn Rouse, Ph.D. May 1999
Dissertation Title: Engaged Surrender: Consciousness and Empowerment in the Conversion Experience of African-American Muslim women
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University

Steven Rousso-Schindler, Ph.D. December 2007
Dissertation Title: Israeli and Palestinian National Narratives: National and Individual Constructions, Social Suffering Narratives, and Everyday Performances
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, California State University Long Beach

Stacy Rowe, Ph.D. August 2003
Dissertation Title: Practicing Policy and Making Myth: Applied Anthropology and Homeless Service Delivery in Glendale, California
Current Position: Human Services Administrator, City of Santa Monica

Charles Scull, Ph.D. December 2005
Dissertation Title: Identity Configurations: Re-inventing Samoan Youth Identities in Urban California
Current Position: Independent Researcher, Brooklyn, New York

Quinta Seward, Ph.D. December 2005
Dissertation Title: Tracing My Father's Footprints : Embracing a Legacy
Current Position: Policy Director, Safe Passages, Oakland, CA

Zhifang Song, Ph.D. December 2008
Dissertation Title: Flow into Eternity: Patriarchy, Marriage and Socialism in a North China Village
Current Position: Research Associate, University of Southern California

Pushpa Tulachan, Ph.D. December 2005
Dissertation Title: The Lobas of Monthang: Loba Ethnography and Tourism as Development

C. Todd White, Ph.D. May 2005
Dissertation Title: Out of Many...: A Social History of the Homosexual Rights Movement as Originated and Continued in Los Angeles, California

M.A. Anthropology

Elan Glasser, M.A. Anthropology 2002

M.A. Visual Anthropology (MAVA)

Christian Anderson, MAVA December 2004

Erica Angert, MAVA May 2007

Clark Arnwine, MAVA December 2003

Ilisa Barbash, MAVA May 1992

Brian Bartelt, MAVA May 2000

Kalanit Baumhaft, MAVA May 2001

Suzanne Benson, MAVA December 1992

Sharon Berman, MAVA May 2006

Robin Bernstein, MAVA May 1993

Alvaro (Perez) Betancourt, MAVA May 1993

Nila Bogue, MAVA December 1987

Mary Beth Bresolin, MAVA May 1996

Joseph Cha, MAVA August 2006

Hsiang-Ling Chao, MAVA December 1994

Mei-Juin Chen, MAVA December 1994

Shih-Ching Chiu, MAVA December 2002

Kaarina Cleverley, MAVA December 2001

Jennifer Cool, MAVA May 1994

Lauren Amanda Crane, MAVA December 1993

Kirsten Dougall, MAVA May 1995

Nancy da Silveira, MAVA May 1988

Gomez Duron, MAVA May 1996

Eva Egensteiner, MAVA December 1995

Jeanne Fitzsimmons, MAVA August 2006

Elise Fried, MAVA, August 1991

Ellen Frankenstein, MAVA December 1987

Monica Frota, MAVA December 1992

Jennifer Gaynor, MAVA August 1995

Gillian Goslinga, MAVA December 1996

Steve Grossman , MAVA May 1992

Rebecca Hantin, MAVA December 1991

Gerald (Jay) Hasbrouck Jr., MAVA May 2000

Joseph Hawkins, MAVA May 1999

Susan Henson-Smith, MAVA May 1994

Tiffany Hope, MAVA December 1996

Mark Hornish, MAVA December 1993

Julie James, MAVA December 1999

Kevin Kelpin, MAVA December 1993

Ursula Koch, MAVA December 1983

Bernd Knoll, MAVA May 1997

Michael Kowalski, MAVA December 1992

Anita Kumar, MAVA July 2005

Catherine LaBore, MAVA May 1995

Joan LaDuca , MAVA August 1995

Jesse Lerner, MAVA December 1991

Susan Lewak, MAVA August 1996

Charmaine Lewis, MAVA August 1998

Thomas Luehrsen, MAVA December 1989

Barhara Malcolm, MAVA May 1991

Daniel Marks, MAVA December 1989

Wilton Martinez, MAVA May 1992

Chad Minnich, MAVA December 1999

Ahrin Mishan, MAVA May 1994

David Orenstein, MAVA December 1992

Sarina Pearson, MAVA August 1995

Luis Perez-Tolon, MAVA December 1987

Laura Reiter, MAVA May 1999

Sean Roberts, MAVA December 2001

Jennifer Rodes, MAVA December 1992

SoYun Roe, MAVA May 1994

Nicholas Rothenberg, MAVA May 1994

Nicole Rousso-Schindler, MAVA December 1998

Steven Rousso-Schindler, MAVA December 1998

Anirban Roy, MAVA May 1997

Patricia (Mercedes) Salazar, MAVA December 1993

Laura Scheerer, MAVA December 1987

Simon Schorno, MAVA December 1999

Laura Schroeter, MAVA May 1995

Sylvia Sensiper, MAVA December 1989

Kaaren Shalom, MAVA December 1995

Christine Snyder, MAVA May 2006

Claudia South, MAVA December 1998

Karin Stellwagen, MAVA August 1994

Scott Sterling, MAVA December 1992

Lucien Taylor, MAVA May 1992

Pushpa Tulachan, MAVA December 1993

Micah Van der Ryn, MAVA December 1991

Cindy Hing-yuk Wong, MAVA December 1989

Julie Wright, MAVA December 1989

Pilar Wright, MAVA December 1999

Ju-Hua Wu, MAVA May 1997

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