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An Ying Alice

An Ying Alice

Marine Environmental Biology

I have always been fascinated by the sea, but I had never thought about studying marine biology until my undergraduate years in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I had the chance to work with small planktonic animals. I was amazed at how such small organisms that we can barely see can affect the oceans so much. I stayed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for a Master degree studying microscopic zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton, which led to the development of my interest in plankton dynamics and microscopic plankton. After getting my Masters in Hong Kong, I decided to further continue my studies in marine biology and microscopic plankton.

My advisor in USC is Dr. David Caron, who specializes on plankton ecology. The methods I have used in the past have been more “traditional” in the sense that it is mainly based on microscopy and pigments, but studying here in USC and with Dr. Caron have given me the opportunity to learn to use molecular methods in the study of marine microscopic plankton. Using these molecular methods, I am interested in looking at how different conditions, such as climate change, affect the composition and functioning of marine planktonic protistan communities.

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